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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The Influence of Continuous Exercising on Chronotropic Incompetence in Multi-Episode SchizophreniaHERBSLEB, Marco; KELLER-VARADY, Katriona; WOBROCK, Thomas; HASAN, Alkomiet; SCHMITT, Andrea; FALKAIS, Peter; GABRIEL, Holger Horst Werner; BAER, Karl-Juergen; MALCHOW, Berend
2018Placement Budgets for Supported Employment-Impact on Quality of Life in a Multicenter Randomized Controlled TrialROESSLER, Wulf; KAWOHL, Wolfram; NORDT, Carlos; HAKER, Helene; RUESCH, Nicolas; HENGARTNER, Michael P.
2018Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Symptoms in Schizophrenia Include Decreased MortalitySCHMITT, Andrea; MAURUS, Isabel; ROSSNER, Moritz J.; ROH, Astrid; LEMBECK, Moritz; WILMSDORFF, Martina von; TAKAHASHI, Shun; RAUCHMANN, Boris; KEESER, Daniel; HASAN, Alkomiet; MALCHOW, Berend; FALKAI, Peter
2019Depression in Somatic Disorders: Is There a Beneficial Effect of Exercise?ROEH, Astrid; KIRCHNER, Sophie K.; MALCHOW, Berend; MAURUS, Isabel; SCHMITT, Andrea; FALKAI, Peter; HASAN, Alkomiet
2019Predictors of Compulsory Re-admission to Psychiatric Inpatient CareLAY, Barbara; KAWOHL, Wolfram; ROESSLER, Wulf
2017Duration of Absence from Work is Related to Psychopathology, Personality, and Sociodemographic Variables in a Longitudinal CohortGAMMA, Alex; SCHLEIFER, Roman; WARNKE, Ingeborg; AJDACIC-GROSS, Vladeta; ROSSLER, Wulf; ANGST, Jules; LIEBRENZ, Michael
2018Predicting Medical Students' Current Attitudes Toward Psychiatry, Interest in Psychiatry, and Estimated Likelihood of Working in Psychiatry: A Cross-Sectional Study in Four European CountriesWARNKE, Ingeborg; GAMMA, Alex; BUADZE, Maria; SCHLEIFER, Roman; CANELA, Carlos; STREBEL, Bernd; TENYI, Tamas; ROESSLER, Wulf; RUESCH, Nicolas; LIEBRENZ, Michael
2019Early Somatosensory Processing Over Time in Individuals at Risk to Develop PsychosisHAGENMULLER, Florence; HEEKEREN, Karsten; ROSER, Patrik; HAKER, Helene; THEODORIDOU, Anastasia; WALITZA, Susanne; ROESSLER, Wulf; KAWOHL, Wolfram
2016Social Phobia Is Associated with Delayed Onset of Chickenpox, Measles, and Mumps InfectionsAJDACIC-GROSS, Vladeta; ALEKSANDROWICZ, Aleksandra; RODGERS, Stephanie; MULLER, Mario; KAWOHL, Wolfram; ROSSLER, Wulf; CASTELAO, Enrique; VANDELEUR, Caroline; KANEL, Roland von; MUTSCH, Margot; LIEB, Roselind; PREISIG, Martin
2014The next generation of clinical studies with antidepressants in bipolar disorderMACHADO-VIEIRA, Rodrigo