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Título: The Combination of Sulforaphane and Fernblock (R) XP Improves Individual Beneficial Effects in Normal and Neoplastic Human Skin Cell Lines
Autor(es): SERINI, SimonaGUARINO, RobertaVASCONCELOS, Renata OttesCELLENO, LeonardoCALVIELLO, Gabriella
Parte de: NUTRIENTS, v.12, n.6, article ID 1608, 21p, 2020
Resumo: Plenty of evidence supports the health effects exerted by dietary supplements containing phytochemicals, but the actual efficacy and safety of their combinations have been seldom experimentally evaluated. On this basis, we investigated in vitro the antioxidant/antineoplastic efficacy and anti-aging activity of a dietary supplement containing sulforaphane (SFN), a sulfur-isothiocyanate present in broccoli, combined with the patented extract Fernblock(R)XP (FB), obtained from the tropical fernPolypodium leucotomos. We evaluated the effect of SFN and FB, alone or in combination, on migration ability, matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) production, neoangiogenic potential and inflammasome activation in human WM115 and WM266-4 melanoma cells. Moreover, the effects on MMPs and reactive oxygen species production, and IL-1 beta secretion were studied in human normal keratinocytes. The SFN/FB combination inhibited melanoma cell migration in vitro, MMP-1, -2, -3, and -9 production, inflammasome activation and IL-1 beta secretion more efficiently than each individual compound did. In normal keratinocytes, SFN/FB was more efficient than SFN or FB alone in inhibiting MMP-1 and -3 production and IL-1 beta secretion in the presence of a pro-inflammatory stimulus such as TNF-alpha. The potential use of SFN/FB based supplements for the prevention of skin aging and as adjuvants in the treatment of advanced melanoma is suggested.
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