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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Integrated Analyses of Gene, Protein and miRNA Expression in Bladder Cancer Patients Reveals a Link Between mTOR and DifferentiationSCHULTZ, Luciana; CAMILLO, Claudia; SCHULTZ, Andre; PUGA, Renato; CASTRO, Isac de; CHANDRASHEKAR, Darshan S.; SPAGNUL, Samuel J.; CUNHA, Isabela W. da; VARAMBALLY, Sooryanarayana; NETTO, George J.; ONUCHIC, Luiz F.; SOARES, Fernando
2015Compensated Versus Decompensated Advanced HCV-Related Chronic Liver Disease: A Morphologic and Morphometric Autopsy StudyDETTONI, Juliano; COGLIATI, Bruno; CASTRO, Isaac de; ALVES, Venancio
2015Dendrogram Analyses of Relative Expression Between Bladder Cancers and Controls Identify PTEN-HIF1 alpha Association as an Alteration Characteristic of MalignancySCHULTZ, Luciana; COUTINHO-CAMILLO, Claudia; CASTRO, Isac; DAMM, Gilcy; SPAGNUL, Samuel; CUNHA, Isabela; ONUCHIC, Luiz; SOARES, Fernando
2015Low Immunoexpression of phosAKT Correlates With Upregulation of mTOR Pathway and HIFI a Gene ExpressionCOUTINHO-CAMILLO, Claudia; SCHULTZ, Luciana; CASTRO, Isac; DAMM, Gilcy; CUNHA, Isabela; ONUCHIC, Luiz; SOARES, Fernando
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