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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Heal exclusion for pruritus treatment in children with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis and other cholestatic diseasesVAISBERG, Victor Van; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; LIMA, Fabiana Roberto; TANNURI, Uenis
2020Low incidence of COVID-19 in children and adolescent post-liver transplant at a Latin American reference centerTANNURI, Uenis; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; CORDON, Mariana Nutti de Almeida; MIYATANI, Helena Thie
2020Sepsis and cirrhosis in growing animals: description of a new experimental model and its pathological and immunological reliabilityMORAES, Pedro Augusto Dantas de; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; RIOS, Livio Moreira; PEES, Vitor Ribeiro; GONCALVES, Josiane de Oliveira; SERAFINI, Suellen; TANNURI, Uenis
2020Choledochal cysts in children: How to Diagnose and Operate onTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; HARA, Lucas Arjona de Andrade; PAGANOTI, Guilherme de Freitas; ANDRADE, Wagner de Castro; TANNURI, Uenis
2020Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis and Heart Rate Variability: A Systematic Mini-ReviewAMARAL, Joice Anaize Tonon do; SALATINI, Renata; ARAB, Claudia; ABREU, Luiz Carlos; VALENTI, Vitor E.; MONTEIRO, Carlos B. M.; TANNURI, Uenis; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun
2020COMPLEXITY OF PEDIATRIC CHRONIC DISEASE: CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY WITH 16,237 PATIENTS FOLLOWED BY MULTIPLE MEDICAL SPECIALTIESPASSONE, Caroline Gouveia Buff; GRISI, Sandra Josefina; FARHAT, Sylvia Costa; MANNA, Thais Della; PASTORINO, Antonio Carlos; ALVENO, Renata Antunes; MIRANDA, Caroline Vasconcelos Sá; WAETGE, Aurora Rosaria; CORDON, Mariana Nutti; ODONE-FILHO, Vicente; TANNURI, Uenis; CARVALHO, Werther Brunow; CARNEIRO-SAMPAIO, Magda; SILVA, Clovis Artur
2020Bioprosthesis versus Mechanical Valve Heart Prosthesis: Assessment of Quality of LifeMOLERO JUNIOR, José Carlos; RAIMUNDO,, Rodrigo Daminello; AMARAL, Joice Anaize Tonon do; ABREU, Luiz Carlos de; BREDA, João Roberto
2020Profile of health professionals who completed a master's, doctoral, or post-doctoral degree in one Brazilian pediatric programSILVA, Clovis Artur; TRINDADE, Vitor Cavalcanti; CRUZ, Amanda Monteiro da; BLANCO, Bruna Paccola; SANTOS, Joao Fernando Vecchi; FERRARO, Alexandre Archanjo; ODONE-FILHO, Vicente; TANNURI, Uenis; CARVALHO, Werther Brunow; CARNEIRO-SAMPAIO, Magda; VIEIRA, Sandra Elisabete; GRISI, Sandra Josefina Ferraz Ellero
2020COVID-19 and Liver Damage: Narrative Review and Proposed Clinical Protocol for Critically ill Pediatric PatientsLUGLIO, Michele; TANNURI, Uenis; CARVALHO, Werther Brunow de; BASTOS, Karina Lucio de Medeiros; RODRIGUEZ, Isadora Souza; JOHNSTON, Cintia; DELGADO, Artur Figueiredo
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