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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Esophageal substitution or esophageal elongation procedures in patients with complicated esophageal atresia? Results of a comparative studyTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; ANGELO, Simone Santoro; TAKYI, Priscilla; SILVA, Armando Ribeiro da; TANNURI, Uenis
2020Heal exclusion for pruritus treatment in children with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis and other cholestatic diseasesVAISBERG, Victor Van; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; LIMA, Fabiana Roberto; TANNURI, Uenis
2014A new simplified technique of arterial reconstruction in pediatric living-donor liver transplantation: A comparison with the classical techniqueTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; MONTEIRO, Roberta Figueiredo; SANTOS, Maria Merces; MIYATANI, Helena Thie; TANNURI, Uenis
2016Early type I collagen deposition is associated with prognosis in biliary atresiaLONGO-SANTOS, Luis Ricardo; TEODORO, Walcy Rosolia; MELLO, Evandro Sobroza de; VELOSA, Ana Paula Pereira; PARRA, Edwin Roger; CAPELOZZI, Vera Luiza; TANNURI, Uenis
2014Living donor liver transplantation in children: Should the adult donor be operated on by an adult or pediatric surgeon? Experience of a single pediatric centerANDRADE, Wagner de Castro; VELHOTE, Manoel Carlos Prieto; AYOUB, Ali Ahman; SILVA, Marcos Marques; GIBELLI, Nelson Elias M.; TANNURI, Ana Cristina A.; SANTOS, Maria Merces; PINHO-APEZZATO, Maria Lucia; BARROS, Fabio de; MOREIRA, Daniel Rangel; MIYATANI, Helena T.; PEREIRA, Raimundo Renato; TANNURI, Uenis
2012Effects of selective bile duct ligation on liver parenchyma in young animals: histologic and molecular evaluationsTANNURI, Ana Cristina A.; COELHO, Maria Cecilia M.; GONCALVES, Josiane de Oliveira; SANTOS, Maria Merces; SILVA, Luiz Fernando Ferraz da; BENDIT, Israel; TANNURI, Uenis
2012Management of gallstone disease in children: a new protocol based on the experience of a single centerTANNURI, Ana Cristina A.; LEAL, Antonio Jose Goncalves; VELHOTE, Manoel Carlos Prieto; GONLCALVES, Manoel Ernesto Peanha; TANNURI, Uenis
2013Congenital chylous ascites: A report of a case treated with hemostatic cellulose and fibrin glueMOREIRA, Daniel de Albuquerque Rangel; SANTOS, Maria Merces; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; TANNURI, Uenis
2013Severe intestinal involvement as initial manifestation of systemic childhood polyarteritis nodosa: Report of two casesGOMES, Roberta C.; MARQUES, Victor L. S.; CAVALCANTE, Erica G. N.; CAMPOS, Lucia M. A.; SALLUM, Adriana M.; TANNURI, Uenis; SILVA, Clovis A. da
2017Total esophageal substitution for combined hypopharyngeal and esophageal strictures after corrosive injury in childrenTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; TANNURI, Uenis