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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Congenital Absence of the Portal Vein: A Complex Disease with Multiple Manifestations and Types of TreatmentTANNURI, U.; GALVAO, F.; LEAL, A. J. G.; GIBELLI, N. E.; TANNURI, A. C.
2011Should patients with esophageal atresia be submitted to esophageal substitution before they start walking?TANNURI, U.; TANNURI, A. C. A.
2011Rex Shunt for Acute Portal Vein Thrombosis After Pediatric Liver Transplantation in Children With Biliary AtresiaGIBELLI, N. E. M.; TANNURI, A. C. A.; TANNURI, U.; SANTOS, M. M.; PINHO-APEZZATO, M. L.; MAKSOUD-FILHO, J. G.; VELHOTE, M. C. P.; AYOUB, A. A. R.; SILVA, M. M.; ANDRADE, W. C.
2012Multiple, diffuse schwannomas in a RASopathy phenotype patient with germline KRAS mutation: a causal relationship?BERTOLA, D. R.; PEREIRA, A. C.; BRASIL, A. S.; SUZUKI, L.; LEITE, C.; FALZONI, R.; TANNURI, U.; POPLAWSKI, A. B.; JANOWSKI, K. M.; KIM, C. A.; MESSIAEN, L. M.
2013A Dominant ABCC8-Related Hyperinsulinism: Familial Case Report Moreira et al. ABCC8-Related HyperinsulinismMOREIRA, M. C.; PIAZZON, F. B.; CARVALHO, M. D. F.; QUAIO, C. R. D. C.; DUTRA, A. B.; CECCON, M. E.; DELLA-MANNA, T.; TANNURI, U.; LEE, J. H.; ZERBINI, M. C. N.; BELLANNE-CHANTELOT, C.; LONLAY, P.; BERTOLA, D. R.; KIM, C. A.
2011Hepatic Artery Graft in Pediatric Liver Transplantation: Single-Center Experience With 58 CasesBACKES, A. N.; GIBELLI, N. E. M.; TANNURI, A. C. A.; SANTOS, M. M.; PINHO-APEZZATO, M. L.; ANDRADE, W. C.; MAKSOUD-FILHO, J. G.; QUEIROZ, A. J. R.; TANNURI, U.
2013Early fetoscopic tracheal occlusion for extremely severe pulmonary hypoplasia in isolated congenital diaphragmatic hernia: preliminary resultsRUANO, R.; PEIRO, J. L.; SILVA, M. M. da; CAMPOS, J. A. D. B.; CARRERAS, E.; TANNURI, U.; ZUGAIB, M.
2012Prediction and probability of neonatal outcome in isolated congenital diaphragmatic hernia using multiple ultrasound parametersRUANO, R.; TAKASHI, E.; SILVA, M. M. da; CAMPOS, J. A. D. B.; TANNURI, U.; ZUGAIB, M.
2012A randomized controlled trial of fetal endoscopic tracheal occlusion versus postnatal management of severe isolated congenital diaphragmatic herniaRUANO, R.; YOSHISAKI, C. T.; SILVA, M. M. da; CECCON, M. E. J.; GRASI, M. S.; TANNURI, U.; ZUGAIB, M.
2011Living Related Donor Liver Transplantation in ChildrenTANNURI, A. C. A.; GIBELLI, N. E. M.; RICARDI, L. R. S.; SANTOS, M. M.; MAKSOUD-FILHO, J. G.; PINHO-APEZZATO, M. L.; SILVA, M. M.; VELHOTE, M. C. P.; AYOUB, A. A. R.; ANDRADE, W. C.; LEAL, A. J.; MIYATANI, H. T.; TANNURI, U.