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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Mortality in adolescents and young adults with chronic diseases during 16 years: a study in a Latin American tertiary hospitalRAMOS, Gabriel F.; RIBEIRO, Vanessa P.; MERCADANTE, Mariana P.; RIBEIRO, Maira P.; DELGADO, Artur F.; FARHAT, Sylvia C. L.; LEAL, Marta M.; MARQUES, Heloisa H.; ODONE-FILHO, Vicente; TANNURI, Uenis; CARVALHO, Werther B.; GRISI, Sandra J.; CARNEIRO-SAMPAIO, Magda; SILVA, Clovis A.
2019Extensive Hepatectomy as an Alternative to Liver Transplant in Advanced Hepatoblastoma: A New Protocol Used in a Pediatric Liver Transplantation CenterPAGANOTI, G. de Freitas; TANNURI, A. C. A.; MARQUES, A. C. Dantas; TORRES, R. R.; GIBELLI, N. E. Mendes; TANNURI, U.
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