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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018High frequency of variant RHD genotypes among donors and patients of mixed origin with serologic weak-D phenotypeDEZAN, Marcia Regina; OLIVEIRA, Valeria B.; GOMES, Carolina Nunes; LUZ, Fabio; GALLUCCI, Antonio J.; BONIFACIO, Silvia L.; ALENCAR, Cecilia Salete; SABINO, Ester C.; PEREIRA, Alexandre C.; KRIEGER, Jose E.; ROCHA, Vanderson; MENDRONE-JUNIOR, Alfredo; DINARDO, Carla L.
2020Effectiveness of strategies to screen for blood donors with RH variants in a mixed populationALMEIDA, Fabio Augusto Abreu de; DEZAN, Marcia Regina; OLIVEIRA, Valeria Brito; ALENCAR, Cecilia Salete; LUZ, Fabio; KRIEGER, Jose Eduardo; PEREIRA, Alexandre Costa; SABINO, Ester Cerdeira; ROCHA, Vanderson; MENDRONE-JUNIOR, Alfredo; DINARDO, Carla Luana
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