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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Intranasal leptin improves survival after opioid overdose in a mouse modelFREIRE, Carla; PHO, Huy; BEVANS-FONTI, Shannon; SENNES, Luiz U.; POLOTSKY, Vsevolod Y.
2021Is the spread of excitation width correlated to the speech recognition in cochlear implant users?SILVA, Juliana Coutinho da; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; MAGALHAES, Ana Tereza; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2021Do the minimum and maximum comfortable stimulation levels influence the cortical potential latencies or the speech recognition in adult cochlear implant users?MARTINS, Kelly Vasconcelos Chaves; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2021Cochlea cell-specific marker expression upon in vitro Hes1 knockdownBATISSOCO, A. C.; LEZIROVITZ, K.; ZANATTA, D. B.; HEMZA, C. R. M. L.; VASQUES, L. R.; STRAUSS, B. E.; MINGRONI-NETTO, R. C.; HADDAD, L. A.; BENTO, R. F.; OITICICA, J.
2021Impact of subspecialty training on management of laryngopharyngeal reflux: results of a worldwide surveyLECHIEN, Jerome R.; CARROLL, Thomas L.; ALLEN, Jacqueline E.; AYAD, Tareck; ENVER, Necati; EUN, Young-Gyu; PERAZZO, Paulo S.; CECCON, Fabio Pupo; SANT'ANNA, Geraldo D.; IMAMURA, Rui; RAGHUNANDHAN, Sampath Kumar; CHIESA-ESTOMBA, Carlos M.; CALVO-HENRIQUEZ, Christian; SAUSSEZ, Sven; KARKOS, Petros D.; REMACLE, Marc; AKST, Lee M.; BOCK, Jonathan M.
2021Rhinomanometry Versus Computational Fluid Dynamics: Correlated, but Different TechniquesCHEROBIN, Giancarlo B.; VOEGELS, Richard L.; PINNA, Fabio R.; GEBRIM, Eloisa M. M. S.; BAILEY, Ryan S.; GARCIA, Guilherme J. M.
2021Is There Any Correlation between Spread of Excitation Width and the Refractory Properties of the Auditory Nerve in Cochlear Implant Users?SILVA, Juliana Coutinho da; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BENTO, Ricardo; BRITO NETO, Rubens
2021Bipedicled Vocal Fold Mucosal Flap Use in Phonomicrosurgery: Case SeriesTSUJI, Domingos Hiroshi; KINCHOKU, Vanessa Mika; IMAMURA, Rui; HACHIYA, Adriana; YAMASAKI, Rosiane; MARINHO, Guilherme Rodrigues; SENNES, Luiz Ubirajara
2021Sinonasal inverted papilloma: rate of recurrence and malignant transformation in 44 operated patientsSBRANA, Mariana Ferreira; BORGES, Renata Ferraz Rafael; PINNA, Fabio de Rezende; NETO, Deusdedit Brandao; VOEGELS, Richard Louis
2021Chemosensory Dysfunction in COVID-19: Prevalences, Recovery Rates, and Clinical Associations on a Large Brazilian SampleBRANDAO NETO, Deusdedit; FORNAZIERI, Marco Aurelio; DIB, Caroline; FRANCESCO, Renata Cantisani Di; DOTY, Richard L.; VOEGELS, Richard Louis; PINNA, Fabio de Rezende