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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Endoscopic Laser Thyroarytenoid Myoneurectomy in Patients with Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia: A Pilot Study on Long-Term Outcome on Voice QualityTSUJI, Domingos Hiroshi; TAKAHASHI, Marystella Tomoe; IMAMURA, Rui; HACHIYA, Adriana; SENNES, Luiz Ubirajara
2012Individually Customized Implants for Laryngoplasty-Are They Possible?FRIZZARINI, Ronaldo; GEBRIM, Eloisa M. M. S.; IMAMURA, Rui; TSUJI, Domingos H.; MOYSES, Raquel A.; SENNES, Luiz U.
2012Extracellular Matrix Composition of the Cricopharyngeus MuscleTAVARES, Raquel Aguiar; SENNES, Luiz Ubirajara; MAUAD, Thais; IMAMURA, Rui; SILVA, Luiz Fernando Ferraz da; CARRAU, Ricardo Luis
2012Congenital laryngeal saccular cystSENNES, Luiz Ubirajara; IMAMURA, Rui; FRIZZARINI, Ronaldo; HACHIYA, Adriana; CHAGURY, Azis Arruda
2013Small cell lung carcinoma metastasis to palatine tonsilsARROYO, Helena Hotz; TAKEHARA, Jefferson; OGAWA, Allex Itar; FRIZZARINI, Ronaldo; IMAMURA, Rui; PAULA, Henrique Moura de
2012Effects of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Injection and Reinjection on Healing in the Rabbit Vocal FoldGARCIA, Roberta Ismael Dias; TSUJI, Domingos Hiroshi; IMAMURA, Rui; MAUAD, Thais; SILVA, Luiz Fernando Ferraz da
2018Treatment of post-intubation laryngeal granulomas: systematic review and proportional meta-analysisRIMOLI, Caroline Fernandes; MARTINSA, Regina Helena Garcia; CATANEO, Daniele Cristina; IMAMURA, Rui; CATANEO, Antonio Jose Maria
2019Fundamental Frequency in Excised Human Larynges after Anterior Glottic Web Formation of Various ExtentsPINHEIRO, Thais Goncalves; ISHIKAWA, Camila Cristina; IMAMURA, Rui; FRIZZARINI, Ronaldo; MONTAGNOLI, Arlindo Neto; TSUJI, Domingos Hiroshi
2019Effects of diode laser setting for laryngeal surgery in a rabbit modelARROYO-RAMOS, Helena Hotz; NERI, Larissa; MANCINI, Marilia Wellichan; DUARTE NETO, Amaro Nunes; MAUAD, Thais; IMAMURA, Rui
2011Otolaryngology and Speech Therapy evaluation in the assessment of oropharyngeal dysphagia: a combined protocol proposalSANTORO, Patricia Paula; FURIA, Cristina Lemos Barbosa; FORTE, Ana Paola; LEMOS, Elza Maria; GARCIA, Roberta Ismael; TAVARES, Raquel Aguiar; IMAMURA, Rui