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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Cochlear implantation through the middle fossa: an anatomic study for a novel techniqueBRITO, Rubens de; BITTENCOURT, Aline Gomes; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; MAGNAN, Jacques; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2011The efficacy of functional endoscopic sinus surgery in the evolution of fever of unknown origin in ICU patientsPADUA, Francini G. M.; BEZERRA, Thiago F. P.; VOEGELS, Richard L.; BENTO, Ricardo F.
2019Video head impulse test relevance in the early postoperative period after cochlear implantationBITTAR, Roseli Saraiva Moreira; SATO, Eduardo; RIBEIRO, Douglas Josimo Silva; OITICICA, Jeanne; GRASEL, Signe Schuster; MEZZALIRA, Raquel; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2012Retrolabyrinthine approach for surgical placement of auditory brainstem implants in childrenBENTO, Ricardo Ferreira; MONTEIRO, Tatiana Alves; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; GOMEZ, Marcos Queiroz Telas; PINNA, Mariana Hausen; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; BRITO, Rubens
2011Microangiopathy of the inner ear, deafness, and cochlear implantation in a patient with Susac syndromeBITTENCOURT, Aline Gomes; SANTOS, Andrea Felice Dos; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; KUTSCHER, Kellen; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BRITO, Rubens De; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2018The influence of the subarcuate artery in the superior semicircular canal dehiscence and its frequency on stillbirths: illustrative cases and systematic reviewBRAGA, Gabriela Pereira Bom; NOBLE, Jack H.; GEBRIM, Eloisa Maria Mello Santiago; LABADIE, Robert F.; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2018Auditory brainstem implant in postmeningitis totally ossified cochleaeMALERBI, Andrea Felice dos Santos; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; GOMES, Marcos de Queiroz Teles; NETO, Rubens de Brito; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2015Caloric test as a predictor tool of postural control in CI usersABRAMIDES, Patricia A.; BITTAR, Roseli S. M.; TSUJI, Robinson K.; BENTO, Ricardo F.
2016Why we should avoid using inferior turbinate tissue as control to Nasal Polyposis studiesPEZATO, Rogerio; VOEGELS, Richard Louis; STAMM, Aldo Cassol; GREGORIO, Luis Carlos
2015Evaluation of residual hearing in cochlear implants candidates using auditory steady-state responseRAMOS, Henrique Faria; GRASEL, Signe Schuster; BECK, Roberto Miquelino de Oliveira; TAKAHASHI-RAMOS, Marystella Tomoe; RAMOS, Bernardo Faria; ALMEIDA, Edigar Resende de; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira; NETO, Rubens de Brito