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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Syndromic hearing loss molecular diagnosis: Application of massive parallel sequencingLIMA, Yasmin Soares de; CHIABAI, Marcela; SHEN, Jun; CORDOBA, Mara S.; VERSIANI, Beatriz R.; BENICIO, Rosenelle O. A.; POGUE, Robert; MINGRONI-NETTO, Regina Celia; LEZIROVITZ, Karina; PIC-TAYLOR, Aline; MAZZEU, Juliana F.; OLIVEIRA, Silviene F.
2018Diagnostic Criteria for Somatosensory Tinnitus: A Delphi Process and Face-to-Face Meeting to Establish ConsensusMICHIELS, Sarah; SANCHEZ, Tanit Ganz; ORON, Yahav; GILLES, Annick; HAIDER, Haula F.; ERLANDSSON, Soly; BECHTER, Karl; VIELSMEIER, Veronika; BIESINGER, Eberhard; NAM, Eui-Cheol; OITICICA, Jeanne; MEDEIROS, Italo Roberto T. de; ROCHA, Carina Bezerra; LANGGUTH, Berthold; HEYNING, Paul Van de; HERTOGH, Willem De; HALL, Deborah A.
2018Musical and vocal emotion perception for cochlear implants usersPAQUETTE, S.; AHMED, G. D.; GOFFI-GOMEZ, M. V.; HOSHINO, A. C. H.; PERETZ, I.; LEHMANN, A.
2021Do the minimum and maximum comfortable stimulation levels influence the cortical potential latencies or the speech recognition in adult cochlear implant users?MARTINS, Kelly Vasconcelos Chaves; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2019Are There Cochlear Dead Regions Involved in Hearing Loss after Cisplatin Ototoxicity?SCHULTZ, Christiane; LIBERMAN, Patricia Helena Pecora; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt
2019Speech Recognition of Cochlear Implant Users Inside a Noisy Helicopter EnvironmentCALDEIRAA, Juliana Maria Araujo; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; IMAMURA, Rui; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2019The Influence of Auditory Feedback and Vocal Rehabilitation on Prelingual Hearing-Impaired Individuals Post Cochlear ImplantUBRIG, Maysa Tiberio; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; WEBER, Raimar; MENEZES, Marcia H. Moreira; BARRICHELO, Viviane M. O.; CUNHA, Maria Gabriela B. da; TSUJI, Domingos Hiroshi; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria S.
2015Novel partial duplication of EYA1 causes branchiootic syndrome in a large Brazilian familyDANTAS, Vitor G. L.; FREITAS, Erika L.; DELLA-ROSA, Valter A.; LEZIROVITZ, Karina; MORAES, Ana Maria S. M. de; RAMOS, Silvia B.; OITICICA, Jeanne; ALVES, Leandro U.; PEARSON, Peter L.; ROSENBERG, Carla; MINGRONI-NETTO, Regina C.
2014The Influence of Sound Generator Associated With Conventional Amplification for Tinnitus Control: Randomized Blind Clinical TrialSANTOS, Gisele Munhoes dos; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira; MEDEIROS, Italo Roberto Torres de; OITICCICA, Jeanne; SILVA, Eleonora Csipai da; PENTEADO, Silvio
2021Is There Any Correlation between Spread of Excitation Width and the Refractory Properties of the Auditory Nerve in Cochlear Implant Users?SILVA, Juliana Coutinho da; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BENTO, Ricardo; BRITO NETO, Rubens