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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Programming peculiarities in two cochlear implant users with superficial siderosis of the central nervous systemBITTENCOURT, Aline Gomes; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; PINNA, Mariana Hausen; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira; BRITO, Rubens de; TSUJI, Robinson Koji
2021Is the spread of excitation width correlated to the speech recognition in cochlear implant users?SILVA, Juliana Coutinho da; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria Schmidt; MAGALHAES, Ana Tereza; TSUJI, Robinson Koji; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2018Preservation of the facial and lower cranial nerves in glomus jugulare tumor surgery: modifying our surgical technique for improved outcomesBRITO, Rubens de; LESSER, Juan Carlos Cisneros; LOPES, Paula Tardim; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
2022Three-dimensional printing in otolaryngology education: a systematic reviewSOUZA, Marcos Antonio de; BENTO, Ricardo Ferreira; LOPES, Paula Tardim; RANGEL, Denis Melo de Pinto; FORMIGHIERI, Lucas
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