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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Synergistic Co-Activation of Lingual Protrusors and Retractors Is Required to Stabilize the Upper Airway During SleepCURADO, T. A. Fleury; OTVOS, T.; KLOPFER, T.; SENNES, L.; PHAM, L. V.; POLOTSKY, V. Y.; SCHWARTZ, A. R.
2018Chemogenetic Silencing of Hypoglossal Motor Neurons Creates a Model of Upper Airway Obstruction During SleepCURADO, T. A. Fleury; PHO, H.; BERGER, S.; SENNES, L.; SCHWARTZ, A. R.; POLOTSKY, V.
2017Comparison Of Site And Configuration Of Upper Airway Collapse Between Natural And Propofol-Induced Sleep Endoscopy - Preliminary ResultsORDONES, A. B.; GRAD, G.; CAHALI, M.; SENNES, L. U.; LORENZI-FILHO, G.; GENTA, P.
2016Transgenic Approach To Selectively Modulate Hypoglossal MotoneuronsCURADO, T. A. Fleury; PHO, H.; SENNES, L. U.; SCHWARTZ, A. R.; POLOTSKY, V. Y.
2021Intranasal Leptin Reduces Mortality from Opioid Overdose in MiceFREIRE, C.; PHO, H.; FONTI, S.; HOSAMANE, N.; KIM, L.; SENNES, L. U.; POLOTSKY, V. Y.
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