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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Early transconjunctival needling revision with 5-fluorouracil versus medical treatment in encapsulated blebs: a 12-month prospective studySUZUKI, Ricardo; SUSANNA- JR., Remo
2013Reproducibility of the Mean, Fluctuation, and IOP Peak in the Diurnal Tension CurveHATANAKA, Marcelo; BABIC, Mirko; SUSANNA JR., Remo
2013Unilateral central retinal artery occlusion as the sole presenting sign of Susac syndrome in a young man: case reportAPOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, Samira Luiza dos; KARA-JOSE, Lucia B. Passos; MARCHIORI, Paulo Euripedes; MONTEIRO, Mario Luiz Ribeiro
2013Diesel Exhaust Particles Selectively Induce Both Proinflammatory Cytokines and Mucin Production in Cornea and Conjunctiva Human Cell LinesTAU, Julia; NOVAES, Priscila; MATSUDA, Monique; TASAT, Deborah R.; SALDIVA, Paulo H.; BERRA, Alejandro
2013Prospective study to evaluate the clinical and radiological outcome of patients with scleroderma of the faceCARETA, Mariana Figueiroa; LEITE, Claudia da Costa; CRESTA, Fernando; ALBINO, Jose; TSUNAMI, Mirian; ROMITI, Ricardo
2013Pattern electroretinogram in neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis with or without optic neuritis and its correlation with FD-OCT and perimetryHOKAZONO, Kenzo; RAZA, Ali S.; OYAMADA, Maria K.; HOOD, Donald C.; MONTEIRO, Mario L. R.
2013Therapies for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Current Approaches and Pharmacologic Agents in DevelopmentHANOUT, Mostafa; FERRAZ, Daniel; ANSARI, Mehreen; MAQSOOD, Natasha; KHERANI, Saleema; SEPAH, Yasir J.; RAJAGOPALAN, Nithya; IBRAHIM, Mohamed; DO, Diana V.; Quan Dong Nguyen
2013Effects of age on corneal deformation by non-contact tonometry integrated with an ultra-high-speed (UHS) Scheimpflug cameraVALBON, Bruno Freitas; AMBROSIO JR., Renato; FONTES, Bruno Machado; ALVES, Milton Ruiz
2013An evaluation of estimation methods for determining addition in presbyopesBITTENCOURT, Leonardo Catunda; ALVES, Milton Ruiz; DANTAS, Daniel Oliveira; RODRIGUES, Pablo Felipe; SANTOS-NETO, Edson dos
2013Infecções Oculares AgudasGARCIA, Renato; BECHARA, Samir Jacob