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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Multi-Center, Prospective, Randomized Study Comparing a Fully Covered Esophageal Metal Stent to Bougie Dilation for the Treatment of Refractory Anastomotic Esophageal StricturesKAPPELLE, Wouter; HALSEMA, Emo E. Van; SPAANDER, Manon; VLEGGAAR, Frank P.; BRUNO, Marco J.; MALUF-FILHO, Fauze; BOGTE, Auke; HOOFT, Jeanin E. van; SIERSEMA, Peter D.
2017A New Way to Close an Enterocutaneous Chronic Fistula Using an EndoloopMOURA, Eduardo T.; MARTINS, Bruno; BASTOS, Victor R.; MEDEIROS, Vitor D.; KAWAGUTI, Fabio S.; PENNACCHI, Caterina; TAKEDA, Flavio R.; MALUF-FILHO, Fauze
2013Proximal versus ""Distal"" in the Pancreas Dr Yamauchi and colleagues respondYAMAUCHI, Fernando I.; ORTEGA, Cinthia D.; BLASBALG, Roberto; ROCHA, Manoel S.; CERRI, Giovanni G.; JUKEMURA, Jose
2013Infection Related to Implantable Central Venous Access Devices in Cancer Patients: Epidemiology and Risk FactorsFREIRE, Maristela P.; PIERROTTI, Ligia C.; ZERATI, Antonio E.; ARAUJO, Pedro H. X. N.; MOTTA-LEAL-FILHO, J. M.; DUARTE, Laiane P. G.; IBRAHIM, Karim Y.; SOUZA, Antonia A. L.; DIZ, Maria P. E.; PEREIRA, Juliana; HOFF, Paulo M.; ABDALA, Edson
2013Diagnosis and Impact of Hilar Lymph Node Micrometastases on the Outcome of Resected Colorectal Liver MetastasisLUPINACCI, Renato M.; HERMAN, Paulo; COELHO, Fabricio C.; VIANA, Eduardo F.; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz A. C.; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2013Effects of intravenous administration of pentoxifylline in pancreatic ischaemia-reperfusion injuryCAMPION, Edmond Raymond Le; JUKEMURA, Jose; COELHO, Ana Maria; PATZINA, Rosely; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro
2013Intestinal and Multivisceral Retransplantation Results: Literature ReviewTREVIZOL, A. P.; DAVID, A. I.; YAMASHITA, E. T.; PECORA, R. A.; D'ALBUQUERQUE, L. A.
2013Epithelial Cell Turnover Is Increased in the Excluded Stomach Mucosa After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass for Morbid ObesitySAFATLE-RIBEIRO, Adriana V.; PETERSEN, Pedro A.; PEREIRA FILHO, Dilson S.; CORBETT, Carlos E. P.; FAINTUCH, Joel; ISHIDA, Robson; SAKAI, Paulo; CECCONELLO, Ivan; RIBEIRO JR., Ulysses
2017Manual básico de procedimentos médicos hospitalares-
2013Surgical site infections in liver transplant recipients in the model for end-stage liver disease era: An analysis of the epidemiology, risk factors, and outcomesFREIRE, Maristela Pinheiro; OSHIRO, Isabel C. V. Soares; BONAZZI, Patricia Rodrigues; GUIMARAES, Thais; FIGUEIRA, Estela Regina Ramos; BACCHELLA, Telesforo; COSTA, Silvia Figueiredo; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro; ABDALA, Edson