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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Health technology diffusion in developing countries: a case study of CT scanners in BrazilSILVA, Hudson P.; VIANA, Ana L. D.
2011Violence against women is strongly associated with suicide attempts: Evidence from the WHO multi-country study on women's health and domestic violence against womenDEVRIES, Karen; WATTS, Charlotte; YOSHIHAMA, Mieko; KISS, Ligia; SCHRAIBER, Lilia Blima; DEYESSA, Negussie; HEISE, Lori; DURAND, Julia; MBWAMBO, Jessie; JANSEN, Henrica; BERHANE, Yemane; ELLSBERG, Mary; GARCIA-MORENO, Claudia
2011Reducing the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for driving in developing countries: a time for change? Results and implications derived from a time-series analysis (2001-10) conducted in BrazilANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; CARVALHO, Heraclito B.; CHERPITEL, Cheryl J.; YE, Yu; PONCE, Julio C.; KAHN, Tulio; LEYTON, Vilma
2011The family health system: analysis of a health survey in Sao Paulo, BrazilBRANDAO, Jose Ricardo Mello; GIANINI, Reinaldo Jose; NOVAES, Hilegonda Maria Dutilh; GOLDBAUM, Moises
2019GRIN2B promoter methylation deficits in early-onset schizophrenia and its association with cognitive functionFACHIM, Helene A.; LOUREIRO, Camila M.; CORSI-ZUELLI, Fabiana; SHUHAMA, Rosana; LOUZADA JR., Paulo; MENEZES, Paulo Rossi; DALTON, Caroline F.; DEL-BEN, Cristina Marta; REYNOLDS, Gavin P.
2012Voxelwise evaluation of white matter volumes in first-episode psychosisCOLOMBO, Renata Rodrigues da Cunha; SCHAUFELBERGER, Maristela Spanghero; SANTOS, Luciana Cristina; DURAN, Fabio Luis de Souza; MENEZES, Paulo Rossi; SCAZUFCA, Marcia; BUSATTO, Geraldo Filho; ZANETTI, Marcus Vinicius
2012Gender-based violence and socioeconomic inequalities: Does living in more deprived neighbourhoods increase women's risk of intimate partner violence?KISS, Ligia; SCHRAIBER, Lilia Blima; HEISE, Lori; ZIMMERMAN, Cathy; GOUVEIA, Nelson; WATTS, Charlotte
2012Equity and women's health services for contraception, abortion and childbirth in BrazilDINIZ, Simone G.; D'OLIVEIRA, Ana Flavia Pires Lucas; LANSKY, Sonia
2012The Effectiveness of a Voice Training Program for TelemarketersOLIVEIRA, Andrea Gomes de; GOUVEIA, Nelson; BEHLAU, Mara
2013Serum phosphate and hip bone mineral density as additional factors for high vascular calcification scores in a community-dwelling: The Sao Paulo Ageing & Health Study (SPAH)FIGUEIREDO, Camille P.; RAJAMANNAN, Nalini M.; LOPES, Jaqueline B.; CAPARBO, Valeria F.; TAKAYAMA, Liliam; KUROISHI, Marcia E.; OLIVEIRA, Ilka S.; MENEZES, Paulo R.; SCAZUFCA, Marcia; BONFA, Eloisa; PEREIRA, Rosa M. R.