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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Knee muscles isokinetic evaluation in short distance elite swimmers: A comparison between symmetric and asymmetric swimming stylesSECCHI, Leonardo L. B.; MURATT, Mavi Diehl; CIOLAC, Emmanuel G.; GREVE, Julia M. D.
2013Validation of the Brazilian Version of the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society Rating Scale for Lower Extremity Bone SarcomaREBOLLEDO, Daniel Cesar Seguel; VISSOCI, Joao Ricardo Nickenig; PIETROBON, Ricardo; CAMARGO, Olavo Pires de; BAPTISTA, Andre Mathias
2013MMP-1 promoter polymorphism is associated with primary tendinopathy of the posterior tibial tendonGODOY-SANTOS, Alexandre; CUNHA, Mirella V.; ORTIZ, Rafael Trevisan; FERNANDES, Tulio Diniz; MATTAR JR., Rames; SANTOS, Maria Cristina L. G. dos
2013Fracture of the talar neck associated with a compression fracture of the calcaneocuboid joint in a 5-year-old child: a case reportGODOY-SANTOS, A. L.; ALBUQUERQUE, D. M.; DINIZ-FERNANDES, T.; RAMMELT, S.
2012Surgical Stabilization of Calcaneal Fat Pad for Treatment of Structural Insufficiency and InstabilityPRADO, Marcelo Pires; FERNANDES, Tulio Diniz; MENDES, Alberto Abussamra Moreira; AMODIO, Daniel Tassetto
2012Traumatic Patellar Dislocation Nonoperative Treatment Compared With MPFL Reconstruction Using Patellar TendonBITAR, Alexandre Carneiro; DEMANGE, Marco Kawamura; D'ELIA, Caio Oliveira; CAMANHO, Gilberto Luis
2012Does Adjunctive Chemotherapy Reduce Remission Rates Compared to Cortisone Alone in Unifocal or Multifocal Histiocytosis of Bone?BAPTISTA, Andre Mathias; CAMARGO, Andre Ferrari Franca; CAMARGO, Olavo Pires de; ODONE FILHO, Vicente; CASSONE, Alejandro Enzo
2019The increase of anterior pelvic tilt after semitendinosus transfer to distal femur in patients with spastic diplegic cerebral palsyMORAIS FILHO, Mauro C. de; FUJINO, Marcelo H.; KAWAMURA, Catia M.; SANTOS, Carlos A. Dos; LOPES, Jose A. F.; BLUMETTI, Francesco C.; MATTAR JUNIOR, Rames
2011Simultaneous anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and computer-assisted open-wedge high tibial osteotomy: A report of eight casesDEMANGE, Marco Kawamura; CAMANHO, Gilberto Luis; PECORA, Jose Ricardo; GOBBI, Riccardo Gomes; TIRICO, Luis Eduardo Passarelli; ALBUQUERQUE, Roberto Freire da Mota e
2017Delayed treatment of a posterior cruciate ligament tibial insertion avulsion fracture in a child with open physis: a case report with a 4-year follow-upGUIMARAES, Tales M.; HELITO, Paulo V. P.; ANGELINI, Fabio J.; DEMANGE, Marco K.; PECORA, Jose R.; HELITO, Camilo P.