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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Femoroacetabular Impingement and Acetabular Labral Tears - Part 3: Surgical TreatmentQUEIROZ, Marcelo C.; RICIOLI JUNIOR, Walter; EJNISMAN, Leandro; GURGEL, Henrique Melo de Campos; MIYAHARA, Helder de Souza; POLESELLO, Giancarlo Cavalli
2020Femoroacetabular Impingement and Acetabular Labral Tears – Part 2: Clinical Diagnosis, Physical Examination and ImagingPOLESELLO, Giancarlo Cavalli; EISJMAN, Leandro; QUEIROZ, Marcelo C.; RUDELLI, Bruno Alves; RUDELLI, Marco; RICIOLI JUNIOR, Walter
2020Femoroacetabular Impingement and Acetabular Labral Tears - Part 1: Pathophysiology and BiomechanicsEJNISMAN, Leandro; RICIOLI JÚNIOR, Walter; QUEIROZ, Marcelo Cavalheiro; VICENTE, Jose Ricardo Negreiros; CROCI, Alberto Tesconi; POLESELLO, Giancarlo Cavalli
2012Musculoskeletal ultrasound in PRM From EURO-MUSCULUS towards WORLD-MUSCULUSOZCAKAR, L.; MUYNCK, M. De; IMAMURA, M.; VANDERSTRAETEN, G.
20132012-An ISPRM Landmark YearIMAMURA, Marta; GUTENBRUNNER, Christoph; LI, Jianan; LAINS, Jorge; FRONTERA, Walter; OLVER, John; STUCKI, Gerold
2018Editorial at: ""Passive anterior tibial subluxation in the setting of anterior cruciate ligament injuries: a comparative analysis of ligament-deficient states"" published at AJSM by McDonald et al.SOBRADO, Marcel Faraco; HELITO, Camilo Partezani
2019Education in painTEIXEIRA, Manoel Jacobsen; YENG, Lin Tchia
2018The multiligament knee-not so complex to treat if the appropriate principles are respectedHELITO, Camilo Partezani; CHAHLA, Jorge
2017Absolute and relative stabilities for fracture fixation: the concept revisitedKOJIMA, Kodi Edson; PIRES, Robinson Esteves Santos
2014The challenge for ""multilingual"" scientists in BrazilKARA-JUNIOR, Newton; AMBROSIO JR., Renato; CHAMON, Wallace; LEME, Luiz Eugenio Garcez