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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201146,XY DSD due to 17 beta-HSD3 Deficiency and 5 alpha-Reductase Type 2 DeficiencyINACIO, Marlene; SIRCILI, Maria Helena P.; BRITO, Vinicius N.; DOMENICE, Sorahia; OLIVEIRA-JUNIOR, Ari Alves; ARNHOLD, Ivo J. P.; TIBOR, Francisco D.; COSTA, Elaine M. F.; MENDONCA, Berenice B.
201146,XY Disorders of Sex Development (46,XY DSD) due to Androgen Receptor Defects: Androgen Insensitivity SyndromeARNHOLD, Ivo J. P.; MELO, Karla; COSTA, Elaine M. F.; DANILOVIC, Debora; INACIO, Marlene; DOMENICE, Sorahia; MENDONCA, Berenice B.
2011MAMLD1 (Mastermind-Like Domain Containing 1) Homozygous Gain-of-Function Missense Mutation Causing 46,XX Disorder of Sex Development in a Virilized FemaleBRANDAO, Maira Pontual; COSTA, Elaine Maria Frade; FUKAMI, Maki; GERDULO, Mariza; PEREIRA, Natalia P.; DOMENICE, Sorahia; OGATA, Tsutomu; MENDONCA, Berenice B.
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