Comunicações em Eventos - LIM/43

A coleção de Comunicações em Eventos compreende trabalhos completos ou resumos de conferências, comunicações orais ou posteres, apresentados em congressos, seminários, jornadas, simpósios ou outros tipos de eventos de caráter técnico-científico ou artístico-cultural, publicados em anais impressos ou em meios eletrônicos.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Infiltrative growth-pattern on histopathology is associated with lower diffusion restriction: a potential reason for false-negative mpMRI in prostate cancerLAUDICELLA, R.; RUSCHOFF, J. H.; FERRARO, D. A.; HAUSMANN, D.; MEBERT, I.; MAURER, A.; HERMANNS, T.; EBERLI, D.; RUPP, N.; BURGER, I. A.
2021Quantitative imaging parameters to predict local staging of prostate cancer in intermediate- to high-risk patientsLAUDICELLA, R.; SKAWRAN, S.; FERRARO, D. A.; MUHLEMATTER, U.; MAURER, A.; GRUNIG, H.; DONATI, O.; EBERLI, D.; BURGER, I. A.
2021Association of neuroinflammation and myelin content with functional disability in multiple sclerosis: a multi-tracer PET/MR studyPITOMBEIRA, M.; KOOLE, M.; SOUZA, A. M. de; DURAN, F. L.; CAMPANHOLO, K. R.; SOLLA, D. J. Fontoura; RIMKUS, C. M.; MENDES, M. F.; APOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, S. L.; BUSATTO FILHO, G., et al
2021Language impairment in Corticobasal Syndrome: from clinical phenotype to biomarkersPARMERA, J.; OLIVEIRA, M.; COUTINHO, A.; ALMEIDA, I. de; CARNEIRO, C.; NETO, A.; NITRINI, R.; BUCHPIGUEL, C.; BARBOSA, E.; BRUCKI, S.
2021Hot needles can confirm accurate lesion sampling intraoperatively using [F-18]PSMA-1007 PET guided biopsy in patients with suspected prostate cancerLAUDICELLA, R.; FERRARO, D. A.; ZEIMPEKIS, K. G.; MEBERT, I.; MUELLER, J.; DONATI, O.; SAPIENZA, M. T.; RUSCHOFF, J. H.; RUPP, N.; EBERLI, D., et al
2021Does F-18-FDG-PET/MRI Add Metabolic Information to Anatomic Image in Childhood-onset Takayasu's Arteritis Patients? A Multicenter Case SeriesCLEMENTE, Gleice; SOUZA, Alexandre; FILHO, Hilton Leao; COELHO, Fernando; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos; LIMA, Marcos; PIOTO, Daniela Petry; FRAGA, Melissa; SAKAMOTO, Ana Paula; CARNEIRO, Camila, et al
2021Deep learning algorithm performance in mammography screening: A systematic review and meta-analysis.ROELA, Rosimeire Aparecida; VALENTE, Gabriel Vansuita; SHIMIZU, Carlos; LOPEZ, Rossana Veronica Mendoza; TUCUNDUVA, Tatiana Cardoso de Mello; FOLGUEIRA, Guilherme Koike; KATAYAMA, Maria Lucia Hirata; PETRINI, Daniel Gustavo Pellacani; NOVAES, Guilherme Apolinario Silva; SERIO, Pedro Adolpho de Menezes Pacheco, et al
2021Radioactive and near-infrared fluorescence in vivo imaging of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma using 99mTc/Cy7-Fab(Bevacizumab)CAMACHO, X.; PERRONI, C.; CARNEIRO, C.; JUNQUEIRA, M.; FARIA, D.; GARCIA, M.; FERNANDEZ, M.; BUCHPIGUEL, C.; CERECETTO, H.; CHAMMAS, R., et al
2020C-11-pib pet showed a distinct cerebrospinal fluid pattern in patients with progressive multiple sclerosisPITOMBEIRA, M.; DURAN, F.; CAMPANHOLO, K.; SOUZA, A.; APOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, S.; RIMKUS, C. Medeiros; MENDES, M. F.; BUSATTO FILHO, G.; CALLEGARO, D.; BUCHPIGUEL, C., et al
2020FDG-PET degeneration patterns predict amyloid deposition in Corticobasal SyndromePARMERA, J.; COUTINHO, A.; NETO, A.; ONO, C.; ARANHA, M.; BUCHPIGUEL, C.; NITRINI, R.; BARBOSA, E.; BRUCKI, S.
2019Cardiac Hypertrophy and Altered Glycolytic Metabolism are Reversed in an Aortic Constriction Mice ModelJENSEN, Leonardo; SILVA, Amanda; FARIA, Daniele; VENTURINI, Gabriela; PEREIRA, Alexandre; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos Alberto; IRIGOYEN, Maria Claudia C.
2018Transient increase of tumor perfusion using hypertonic salinePATINO, Angelica M.; JUNQUEIRA, Mara S.; ZHANG, Xiaomeng; BAILEY, Kate; IBRAHIM-HASHIM, Arig; GILLIES, Robert J.; CHAMMAS, Roger
2017Effects of Aerobic Training on Cognition and Brain Glucose Metabolism in Subjects with Mild Cognitive ImpairmentPORTO, Fabio Henrique de Gobbi; COUTINHO, Artur; DURAN, Fabio; PINTO, Ana; GUALANO, Bruno; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos; NITRINI, Ricardo; BRUCKI, Sonia
2020Analysis of Lung Perfusion in Treated and Stable Patients with Granulomatosis with PolyangiitisOLIVEIRA, E. P.; SADO, H. N.; ASSUNCAO, G. L.; PADILHA, A. T.; BARBAS, C. S.
201818F-FDG PET/CT Findings vs. Histology of Surgically Resected Cardiac Valves in Patients With Infective Endocarditis.CAMARGO, Raphael A.; CASTELLI, Jussara B.; BITTENCOURT, Marcio S.; AYABE, Daniel; PAIXAO, Milena R.; FELICIO, Marilia F.; SOEIRO, Alexandre M.; GONCALVES, Luis Fernando T.; V, Tania Strabelli; SOARES JR., Jose, et al
2020Amyloid-beta Deposition, Brain Metabolism and Neuropsychological Profile in Elderly with Subjective Cognitive Decline and SuperAgersSTUDART-NETO, Adalberto; COUTINHO, Artur; CARNEIRO, Camila de Godoi; MORAES, Natalia Cristina; SPERA, Raphael Ribeiro; YASSUDA, Monica Sanches; BRUCKI, Sonia Maria Dozzi; LEITE, Claudia; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos; NITRINI, Ricardo
2019Deciphering Corticobasal Syndrome: are clinical features and FDG-PET imaging capable of predicting amiloyd status?PARMERA, J.; COUTINHO, A.; NETO, A.; ARANHA, M.; ONO, C.; BUCHPIGUEL, C.; NITRINI, R.; BARBOSA, E.; BRUCKI, S.
2019Corticobasal syndrome: is [F-18]FDG-PET a feasible tool to predict underlying Alzheimer's pathology?COUTINHO, A. M. N.; PARMERA, J. B.; ARANHA, M. R.; STUDART NETO, A.; ONO, C. R.; BARBOSA, E. R.; NITRINI, R.; BUCHPIGUEL, C. A.; BUCKI, S. M. D.
2019A Brain PET staging system using Amyloid and Neurodegeneration Biomarkers for Individual Assessment in the Context of the 2018 NIA-AA Research Framework: an approach exploring clinical-biomarker mismatches and socio-demographic parametersCOUTINHO, A. M. N.; PORTO, F.; FARIA, D. de Paula; ONO, C. R.; GARCEZ, A. T.; SQUARZONI, P.; DURAN, F. L. S.; OLIVEIRA, M. O.; TRES, E. S.; BUCKI, S. M. D., et al
2019Exercise Improves Arterial Inflammation in Childhood-onset Takayasu Arteritis: A Randomized Controlled TrialASTLEY, Camilla; CLEMENTE, Gleice; TERRERI, Maria Teresa; CARNEIRO, Camila; LIMA, Marcos; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos; LEAO FILHO, Hilton; LIMA, Fernanda; SA-PINTO, Ana Lucia; SILVA, Clovis, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 66