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2011ATP13A2-Related Neurodegeneration (PARK9) Without Evidence of Brain Iron AccumulationCHIEN, Hsin Fen; BONIFATI, Vincenzo; BARBOSA, Egberto Reis
2011Effects of eliminating tension by means of epineural stitches A comparative electrophysiological and histomorphometrical study using different suture techniques in an animal modelBUSTAMANTE, Jorge; SOCOLOVSKY, Mariano; MARTINS, Roberto S.; EMMERICH, Juan; PENNINI, Maria Gabriela; LAUSADA, Natalia; DOMITROVIC, Luis
2011Cross-cultural adaptation of the Toronto Western Spasmodic Torticollis Rating Scale (TWSTRS) to Brazilian PortugueseSEKEFF-SALLEM, Flavio Augusto; CARAMELLI, Paulo; BARBOSA, Egberto Reis
2011Quantitative Ventricular Neuroendoscopy Performed on the Third Ventriculostomy: Anatomic StudyROMERO, Alicia Del Carmen Becerra; AGUIAR, Paulo Henrique Pires de; BORCHARTT, Tiago Bonini; CONCI, Aura
2011Continuous monitoring of evoked facial nerve electromyograms: a new device for an old conceptACIOLY, Marcus Andre; AGUIAR, Paulo Henrique Pires de; TATAGIBA, Marcos
2011Quality of life in individuals with cervical dystonia before botulinum toxin injection in a Brazilian tertiary care hospitalQUEIROZ, Mariana Ribeiro; CHIEN, Hsin Fen; BARBOSA, Egberto Reis
2011Effects of a multidisciplinar cognitive rehabilitation program for patients with mild Alzheimer's diseaseVIOLA, Luciane F.; NUNES, Paula V.; YASSUDA, Monica S.; APRAHAMIAN, Ivan; SANTOS, Franklin S.; SANTOS, Glenda D.; BRUM, Paula S.; BORGES, Sheila M.; OLIVEIRA, Alexandra M.; CHAVES, Gisele F. S., et al
2011Lumbar mass as the presentation form of a tuberculous spondylodiscitisBARBOSA, Marcilio Diogo de Oliveira; SILVA, Rodrigo Sodre Calheiros da; GARCIA, Flavio Assad; ACIOLY, Marcus Andre
2011Give children and adolescents the gift of a good night's sleep: A call to actionMINDELL, Jodi A.; OWENS, Judith; ALVES, Rosana; BRUNI, Oliviero; GOH, Daniel Y. T.; HISCOCK, Harriet; KOHYAMA, Jun; SADEH, Avi
2011Wilson's disease in southern Brazil: a 40-year follow-up studyBEM, Ricardo Schmitt de; MUZZILLO, Dominique Araujo; DEGUTI, Marta Mitiko; BARBOSA, Egberto Reis; WERNECK, Lineu Cesar; TEIVE, Helio Afonso Ghizoni
2011Influence of Suture on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration and Collagen Production at the Site of Neurorrhaphy: An Experimental StudyMARTINS, Roberto Sergio; TEODORO, Walcy Rosolio; SIMPLICIO, Hougelle; CAPELLOZI, Vera Luiza; SIQUEIRA, Mario Gilberto; YOSHINARI, Natalino Hajime; PLESE, Jose Pindaro Pereira; TEIXEIRA, Manoel Jacobsen
2011Cor pulmonale in a patient with Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome: A case reportSILVA-JUNIOR, Francisco Pereira da; MOURA, Rafael de Deus; ROSEMBERG, Sergio; MARCHIORI, Paulo Euripedes; CASTRO, Luiz Henrique Martins
2011Quantitative parameters of facial motor evoked potential during vestibular schwannoma surgery predict postoperative facial nerve functionACIOLY, Marcus Andre; GHARABAGHI, Alireza; LIEBSCH, Marina; CARVALHO, Carlos Henrique; AGUIAR, Paulo Henrique; TATAGIBA, Marcos
2011Copper deficiency in Wilson's disease: An avoidable complication of treatmentSILVA-JUNIOR, Francisco Pereira da; LUCATO, Leandro Tavares; MACHADO, Alexandre Aluizio Costa; BARBOSA, Egberto Reis
2011The labelled-lines principle of the somatosensory physiology might explain the phantom limb phenomenonPEREIRA JR., Jose Carlos; ALVES, Rosana Cardoso
2011Americo Negrette and Huntington's diseaseMOSCOVICH, Mariana; MUNHOZ, Renato P.; BECKER, Nilson; BARBOSA, Egberto Reis; ESPAY, Alberto J.; WEISER, Roberto; TEIVE, Hello A. G.
2011Continuous ventricular cerebrospinal fluid drainage with intracranial pressure monitoring for management of posttraumatic diffuse brain swellingANDRADE, Almir Ferreira de; PAIVA, Wellingson Silva; AMORIM, Robson Luis Oliveira de; FIGUEIREDO, Eberval Gadelha; ALMEIDA, Antonio Nogueira de; BROCK, Roger Schmidt; BOR-SENG-SHU, Edson; TEIXEIRA, Manoel Jacobsen
2011Periodic limb movements during sleep and restless legs syndrome in patients with ASIA A spinal cord injuryTELLES, Susana C. L.; ALVES, Rosana C.; CHADI, Gerson
2011Fisher revised scale for assessment of prognosis in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhageOLIVEIRA, Arthur Maynart Pereira; PAIVA, Wellingson Silva; FIGUEIREDO, Eberval Gadelha de; OLIVEIRA, Hello Araujo; TEIXEIRA, Manoel Jacobsen