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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The gut microbiome of lean patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: comparison with overweight/obese counterparts and healthy subjects, correlation with dietary intake and liver histologyDUARTE, S. M.; STEFANO, J. T.; MIELE, L.; PONZIANI, F. R.; SOUZA, M.; RODRIGUES, L.; COSTA, F. G.; TODA, K.; MAZO, D. F.; SABINO, E. C.; CARRILHO, F. J.; GASBARRINI, A.; OLIVEIRA, C. P.
2018Outbreak of Zika Virus Infection an the Co-Circulation of Other Arboviruses in State of Tocantins, BrazilMILAGRES, F.; COSTA, A. C. da; LIMA, R. C.; SABINO, E. C.; SEGURADO, A.
2019Whole exome sequencing of Chagas disease cardiomyopathy families reveals accumulation of rare variants in mitochondrial and inflammation-associated genesCUNHA-NETO, E.; MARQUET, S.; FRADE, A. Farage; FERREIRA, A. Mota; OUARHACHE, M.; IANNI, B.; FERREIRA, L. Rodrigues Pinto; RIGAUD, V. Oliveira-Carvalho; ALMEIDA, R. Ribeiro; CANDIDO, D.; TORRES, M.; GALLARDO, F.; FERNANDES, R.; MADY, C.; BUCK, P.; CARDOSO, C.; SANTOS-JUNIOR, O. R.; OLIVEIRA, L. C.; OLIVEIRA, C. D. L.; NUNES, M. do Carmo; ABEL, L.; KALIL, J.; RIBEIRO, A. L. P.; SABINO, E. C.; CHEVILLARD, C.
2017Benznidazole treatment is associated with Trypanosoma cruzi blood PCR negativity and less cardiac lesions in Chagas disease: NIH SaMitrop StudyCARDOSO, C. S.; SABINO, E. C.; OLIVEIRA, C. D. L.; OLIVEIRA, L. C.; FERREIRA, A. M.; BIERRENBACH, A. L.; SILVA, J. L. P.; COLOSIMO, E. A.; CUNHA-NETO, E.; RIBEIRO, A. L. P.
2016The predictive value of plasma Galectin-3 for cardiac impairment and mortality in patients with Chagas diseaseFERNANDES, F.; MOREIRA, C. H.; OLIVEIRA, L. C.; IANNI, B. M.; LORENZO, C. D.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.; NASTARI, L.; RIBEIRO, A. L. P.; CUNHA NETO, E.; SABINO, E. C.; MADY, C.
2016Clinical Performance of Hologic/Grifols NAT and CDC Real-Time PCR Assays for Detection of Zika VirusBAKKOUR, S.; GAO, K.; LU, K.; DENG, X.; SIMMONS, G.; STONE, M.; LANTERI, M. C.; SABINO, E. C.; LINNEN, J. M.; BUSCH, M.
2018A risk score to predict 2-year mortality for chagas cardiomyopathy: analysis of a large population from endemic areas in BrazilRIBEIRO, A. L.; OLIVEIRA, C. D. L.; NUNES, M. C. P.; COLOSIMO, E. A.; MALVEIRA, E.; CARDOSO, C.; OLIVEIRA, L. C.; FERREIRA, A. M.; HAIKAL, D. S.; MOREIRA, C. H. V.; BIERRENBACH, A. L.; SABINO, E. C.
2018Galectin-3 levels are normal in patients with constrictive pericarditis and are associated with exercise intolerance after pericardiectomyFERNANDES, F.; MELLO, D. T. P.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.; SABINO, E. C.; MOREIRA, C. H. V.; BENVENUTTI, L.; HOTTA, V. T.; SAYEG, A.; DIAS, R. R.; MADY, C.
2013Motivation to Donate Among Granulocytes, Apheresis, and Whole Blood Donors in a Brazilian Blood CenterROCHA, P. C.; SABINO, E. C.; OLIVEIRA, C. D.; PATAVINO, G. M.; CAPUANI, L. D.; ALMEIDA-NETO, C. de
2012Incidence of Chagas Cardiomyopathy and Relative Diagnostic Value of Electrocardiogram (ECG) Versus Echocardiogram (ECHO) Among T. cruzi Seropositive DonorsSABINO, E. C.; RIBEIRO, A.; PATAVINO, G. M.; CAPUANI, L. D.; ALMEIDA-NETO, C. de; OLIVEIRA, C. Di Lorenzo; CARRICK, D. M.; CUSTER, B.; BUSCH, M. P.; MURPHY, E. L.