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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue Virus Incident Infections in Blood Donors in Brazil in 2016: Implications for Blood Safety and Public Health SurveillanceCUSTER, Brian; GONCALEZ, Thelma; GAO, Kui; BRAMBILLA, Donald J.; PROIETTI, Anna Carneiro; MENDRONE, Alfredo; LOUREIRO, Paula; LOPES, Maria Esther; CAPUANI, Ligia; BUSCH, Michael Paul; SABINO, Ester
2017Predictors of Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization in a Brazilian Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) CohortKELLY, Shannon; PREISS, Liliana; DINARDO, Carla; CASTILHO, Shirley Lopes de; VALGUEIRO, Maria do Carmo; CAYRES, Luciana; GUO, Yuelong; SABINO, Ester; PAGE, Grier; CUSTER, Brian
2016Clinical Performance of Hologic/Grifols NAT and CDC Real-Time PCR Assays for Detection of Zika VirusBAKKOUR, S.; GAO, K.; LU, K.; DENG, X.; SIMMONS, G.; STONE, M.; LANTERI, M. C.; SABINO, E. C.; LINNEN, J. M.; BUSCH, M.
2019Changes in Gene Expression in Response to Red Blood Cell Transfusions in Chronically Transfused Sickle Cell Disease PatientsKELLY, Shannon; DINARDO, Carla; DENG, Xutao; BELISARIO, Andre; PROIETTI, Anna Carneiro; LOUREIRO, Paula; MOTA, Rosimere Afonso; FLOR-PARK, Miriam V.; MAXIMO, Claudia; SABINO, Ester; CUSTER, Brian
2019Analytical Performance of Donor NAT Screening and Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Assays for Detection of Zika Virus RNASTONE, Mars; BAKKOUR, Sonia; DENG, Xutao; LAM, Sally; GAO, Kui; LINNEN, Jeffrey M.; MUNOZ-JORDAN, Jorge L.; HECHT, Leonie-Sophie; SABINO, Ester; BUSCH, Michael P.
2013Motivation to Donate Among Granulocytes, Apheresis, and Whole Blood Donors in a Brazilian Blood CenterROCHA, P. C.; SABINO, E. C.; OLIVEIRA, C. D.; PATAVINO, G. M.; CAPUANI, L. D.; ALMEIDA-NETO, C. de
2012Incidence of Chagas Cardiomyopathy and Relative Diagnostic Value of Electrocardiogram (ECG) Versus Echocardiogram (ECHO) Among T. cruzi Seropositive DonorsSABINO, E. C.; RIBEIRO, A.; PATAVINO, G. M.; CAPUANI, L. D.; ALMEIDA-NETO, C. de; OLIVEIRA, C. Di Lorenzo; CARRICK, D. M.; CUSTER, B.; BUSCH, M. P.; MURPHY, E. L.
2012Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Syphilis Among Blood Donors in Sao Paulo, BrazilFERREIRA, S. C.; ALMEIDA-NETO, C. de; NISHIYA, A. S.; DI-LORENZO-OLIVEIRA, C.; FERREIRA, J. E.; ALENCAR, C. S.; LEVI, J. E.; SALLES, N. A.; MENDRONE, A.; SABINO, E. C.
2012HCV Genotype and Risk Factors Among Blood Donors in Sao Paulo, BrazilNISHIYA, A. S.; ALMEIDA-NETO, C. de; FERREIRA, S. C.; ALENCAR, C. S.; OLIVEIRA, C. D.; ALVARADO-MORA, M. V.; LEVI, J. E.; SALLES, N. A.; MENDRONE, A.; SABINO, E. C.
2012Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) to Identify Genetic Polymorphisms Associated with Chagas Cardiomyopathy in T. cruzi Seropositive SubjectsSABINO, E. C.; DENG, X.; CUNHA-NETO, E.; BUSCH, M. P.; SEIELSTAD, M.