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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Very early prediction of response to HCV treatment with PEG-IFN-alfa-2a and ribavirin in HIV/HCV-coinfected patientsARAUJO, E. S. A.; DAHARI, H.; NEUMANN, A. U.; CAVALHEIRO, N. de Paula; MELO, C. E.; MELO, E. S. de; LAYDEN, T. J.; COTLER, S. J.; BARONE, A. A.
2011Fatal adenoviral necrotizing bronchiolitis case in a post-cardiac surgery intensive care unitCASTELLI, Jussara Bianchi; SICILIANO, Rinaldo F.; VIEIRA, Ricardo D.; AIELLO, Vera D.; STRABELLI, Tania M. V.
2011Prevalence and factors associated with darunavir resistance mutations in multi-experienced HIV-1-infected patients failing other protease inhibitors in a referral teaching center in BrazilVIDAL, Jose E.; FREITAS, Angela C.; SONG, Alice T. W.; CAMPOS, Silvia V.; DALBEN, Mirian; HERNANDEZ, Adrian V.
2011Infectious endocarditis caused by Nocardia sp.: histological morphology as a guide for the specific diagnosisCASTELLI, Jussara Bianchi; SICILIANO, Rinaldo Focaccia; ABDALA, Edson; AIELLO, Vera Demarchi
2011Immunogenicity and Reactogenicity of 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) Inactivated Monovalent Non-Adjuvanted Vaccine in Elderly and Immunocompromised PatientsMIRAGLIA, Joao L.; ABDALA, Edson; HOFF, Paulo M.; LUIZ, Andre M.; OLIVEIRA, Danise S.; SAAD, Carla G. S.; LAURINDO, Ieda M. M.; VISO, Ana T. R.; TAYRA, Angela; PIERROTTI, Ligia C.; AZEVEDO, Luiz S.; CAMPOS, Lucia Maria A.; AIKAWA, Nadia E.; TIMENETSKY, Maria do Carmo S. T.; LUNA, Expedito; CARDOSO, Maria Regina A.; GUEDES, Jose da S.; RAW, Isaias; KALIL, Jorge; PRECIOSO, Alexander R.
2011Hepatitis C therapy in 2011: is less more, is more less?ARAUJO, Evaldo Stanislau Affonso de
2011Endemic and opportunistic infections in Brazilian solid organ transplant recipientsBATISTA, M. V.; PIERROTTI, L. C.; ABDALA, E.; CLEMENTE, W. T.; GIRAO, E. S.; ROSA, D. R. T.; IANHEZ, L. E.; BONAZZI, P. R.; LIMA, A. S.; FERNANDES, P. F. C. B. C.; PADUA-NETO, M. V.; BACCHELLA, T.; OLIVEIRA, A. P. P.; VIANA, C. F. G.; FERREIRA, M. S.; SHIKANAI-YASUDA, M. A.
2011Influence of hepatitis G virus (GB virus C) on the prognosis of HIV-infected womenCAMPOS, A. F.; TENGAN, F. M.; SILVA, S. A. A.; LEVI, J. E.
2011Pharmacodynamics of PEG-IFN-alpha-2a and HCV Response as a Function of IL28B Polymorphism in HIV/HCV-Coinfected PatientsARAUJO, Evaldo Stanislau Affonso de; DAHARI, Harel; COTLER, Scott J.; LAYDEN, Thomas J.; NEUMANN, Avidan U.; MELO, Carlos Eduardo; BARONE, Antonio Alci
2011Nonviral InfectionsALVES, V. A. F.; ABDALLA, E.
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