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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Cardiovascular risk and coronary artery calcium score after liver transplantation: study at fouth yearLINHARES, L. M.; OLIVEIRA, C. P.; ALVARES-DA-SILVA, M. R.; STEFANO, J. T.; GEBRIM, E. M.; BARBEIRO, H. V.; BARBEIRO, D. F.; TERRABUIO, D. R.; ABDALA, E.; SORIANO, F. G.; CARRILHO, F. J.; FARIAS, A. Q.; AUGUSTO, L.; ALBUQUERQUE, C. D'
2017Defining a BKV Cutt-Off and Profile for Early Detection of BKV Associated NephropathyNIHEI, C.; AGENA, F.; PAULA, F.; DAVID, D.; FINK, M.; PIERROTTI, L.; DAVID-NETO, E.
2017Diagnostic value of Positron emission tomography (PET/CT) in native and prosthetic infective endocarditisCAMARGO, R. A.; SICILIANO, R. F.; PAIXAO, M. R.; SOEIRO, A. M.; SOARES JR., J.; FELICIO, M. F.; STRABELLI, T. M. V.; BUCHPIGUEL, C. A.; ALAVI, A.; TONELLO, L.; MANSUR, A. J.; TARASOUTCHI, F.; OLIVEIRA JR., M. T.; MENEGHETTI, J. C.
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