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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Travelers as Sentinels for Chikungunya Fever, BrazilCHAVES, Tania do Socorro Souza; PELLINI, Alessandra Cristina Guedes; MASCHERETTI, Melissa; JAHNEL, Maria Teresa; RIBEIRO, Ana Freitas; RODRIGUES, Sueli Guerreiro; VASCONCELOS, Pedro Fernando da Costa; BOULOS, Marcos
2018Outbreak of Zika Virus Infection an the Co-Circulation of Other Arboviruses in State of Tocantins, BrazilMILAGRES, F.; COSTA, A. C. da; LIMA, R. C.; SABINO, E. C.; SEGURADO, A.
2018Predictors of treatment adherence and HIV viral load among youths transitioning from pediatric to adult HIV outpatient care in Sao Paulo, BrazilFREITAS, A.; AVELINO-SILVA, V.; GUTIERREZ, E.; DURIGON, G.; PEREIRA, M. F.; LITIVINOC, N.; MARQUES, H. H.; SEGURADO, A.
2011Uptake and antileishmanial activity of meglumine antimoniate-containing liposomes in Leishmania (Leishmania) major-infected macrophagesBORBOREMA, Samanta Etel Treiger; SCHWENDENER, Reto Albert; OSSO JR., Joao Alberto; ANDRADE JR., Heitor Franco de; NASCIMENTO, Nanci do
2020Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Proposed Algorithms for C. difficile Infection in Different Pretest Probability SettingsBEN, Mirian Dal; OLIVEIRA, Maura; CAPPELLANO, Paola; FLEURY, Grupo; SAMPAIO, Jorge; FLEURY, Grupo; DIAS, Maria Beatriz
2020A Successful Bundled Intervention to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia: Sustainability Still an IssueBEN, Mirian Dal; PERDIZ, Rafael; AMARANTE, Gustavo; COLOMBARI, Heloise; RAMOS, Cintia; VIVEIROS, Libanes Viviane; BARBOSA, Sandra; OLIVEIRA, Maura
2019Genetic and virulence characterization of colistin-resistant and colistin-sensitive A. baumannii clinical isolatesLEITE, Gleice Cristina; STABLER, Richard A.; NEVES, Patricia; PERDIGAO NETO, Lauro V.; MARTINS, Roberta C. Ruedas; RIZEK, Camila; ROSSI, Flavia; LEVIN, Anna S.; COSTA, Silvia Figueiredo
2019Hemorrhagic brain lesions in a newly diagnosed HIV-1 infected patientPELLEGRINO, D.; LIMA, Patricia Picciarelli de; OLIVEIRA, Augusto Cesar Penalva de; VIDAL, Jose E.
2019Heparin-Binding Protein Release Is Strongly Induced by Leptospira Species and Is a Candidate for an Early Diagnostic Marker of Human LeptospirosisVIEIRA, Monica L.; PERSSON, Sandra; LOPES-FERREIRA, Monica; ROMERO, Eliete C.; KIRCHGATTER, Karin; NASCIMENTO, Ana Lucia T. O.; HERWALD, Heiko
2018Attitudes and Knowledge About HIV PrEP Among Infectious Diseases Physicians in BrazilCERQUEIRA, Natalia; VASCONCELOS, Ricardo; HOJILLA, Carlo; KALLAS, Esper; AVELINO-SILVA, Vivian