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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Lobular panniculitis of the thigh as the only cutaneous manifestation of reactivation of Chagas disease in a renal transplant patient: A case reportROMERO-SANDOVAL, Karina; MAGALHAES, Tiara Souza; ARNONE, Marcelo; GIANNOTTI, Marcelo; OLIVEIRA, Walmar Roncalli Pereira de
2018Scalp neuropathy in dermatomyositis patients with recalcitrant scalp pruritusCIRINO, Pablo; WIPF, Angela; ROMITI, Ricardo; MCADAMS, Brian; FOSTER, Shawn; KENNEDY, William; HORDINSKY, Maria
2015Chronic widespread dermatophytosis due to Trichophyton rubrum: a syndrome associated with a Trichophyton-specific functional defect of phagocytesBENARD, G.; SANTANA, G. B.; CRIADO, P. R.; SOUSA, M. G. T.
2020Cutaneous syphilitic gumma in an immunocompetent maleSOUZA, Esio; ERTHAL, Aline; BELDA JUNIOR, Walter
2022Urticarial vasculitis versus chronic spontaneous urticarial-Natural history, disease course and response to treatment-A UCARE studyBONNEKOH, H.; JELDEN-THURM, J.; KOLKHIR, P.; ALLENOVA, A.; CHERREZ-OJEDA, I.; DANILYCHEVA, I.; CRIADO, R. Fachini Jardim; CRIADO, P.; GELINCIK, A.; HAWRO, T.; KOCATURK, E.; KHOSHKHUI, M.; METZ, M.; NASR, I.; STEC, M.; ZHAO, Z.; ALTRICHTER, S.; GONCALO, M.; GIMENEZ-ARNAU, A.; MAURER, M.; KRAUSE, K.
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