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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Impact of immunization against hepatitis B virus in areas of high endemicity in BrazilFIGUEIREDO, G.; MOREIRA, R.; CARDOSO, M. R.; PEREIRA, L.; CORAL, G.; STEIN, A.; BRAGA, C.; MONTARROYOS, U.; XIMENES, R.
2012Oral hairy leukoplakia diagnosis by EBV in situ hybridization in liquid based cytologyBRAZ-SILVA, P. H.; SANTOS, R. T. M.; SCHUSSEL, J. L.; GALLOTTINI, M. H. C.
2012Frequency of subtype B and F1 dual infection in HIV-1 positive, Brazilian men who have sex with menSANABANI, Sabri Saeed; OLIVEIRA, Ana Carolina Soares de; COSTA, Antonio Charlys da; MELILLO, Mariana; SOLANGE, Sauer Katia Cristina Bassichetto; OLIVEIRA, Maria Santos; COSTA, Priscilla Ramos; TOMIYAMA, Claudia; TOMIYAMA, Helena Tomoko Iwashita; CERDEIRA, Ester; ESPER, Sabino; KAL, Georges
2012Pilot Studies for Development of an HIV Subtype Panel for Surveillance of Global DiversityMANAK, Mark; SINA, Silvana; ANEKELLA, Bharathi; HEWLETT, Indira; SANDERS-BUELL, Eric; RAGUPATHY, Viswanath; KIM, Jerome; VERMEULEN, Marion; STRAMER, Susan L.; SABINO, Ester; GRABARCZYK, Piotr; MICHAEL, Nelson; PEEL, Sheila; GARRETT, Patricia; TOVANABUTRA, Sodsai; BUSCH, Michael P.; SCHITO, Marco
2012Correlates of human immunodeficiency virus cervicovaginal shedding among postmenopausal and fertile-aged womenMELO, Keli Cardoso; MELO, Murilo Rezende; RICCI, Bruno Vita; SEGURADO, Aluisio Cotrim
2012Blood transfusion utilization and recipient survival at Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo, BrazilGONCALEZ, Thelma T.; SABINO, Ester C.; CAPUANI, Ligia; LIU, Jing; WRIGHT, David J.; WALSH, Judy H.; FERREIRA, Joao E.; CHAMONE, Dalton A.; BUSCH, Michael P.; CUSTER, Brian
2012Number of recent sexual partners among blood donors in Brazil: associations with donor demographics, donation characteristics, and infectious disease markersPATAVINO, Giuseppina Maria; ALMEIDA-NETO, Cesar de; LIU, Jing; WRIGHT, David J.; MENDRONE-JUNIOR, Alfredo; FERREIRA, Maria Ines Lopes; CARNEIRO, Anna Barbara de Freitas; CUSTER, Brian; FERREIRA, Joao Eduardo; BUSCH, Michael P.; SABINO, Ester Cerdeira
2012Evaluation of HIV-1 resistance to antiretroviral drugs among 150 patients after six months of therapeutic interruptionKALMAR, E. M. N.; SANABANI, S. S.; COSTA, A. Charlys da; FERREIRA, S.; BARRETO, C. C.; CHEN, S.; SABINO, E. C.
2012Fighting Misconceptions to Improve Compliance with Influenza Vaccination among Health Care Workers: An Educational ProjectCOUTO, Carla R.; PANNUTI, Claudio S.; PAZ JR., Jose P.; FINK, Maria C. D.; MACHADO, Alessandra A.; MARCHI, Michela de; MACHADO, Clarisse M.
2012Vasovagal reactions in whole blood donors at three REDS-II blood centers in BrazilGONCALEZ, Thelma T.; SABINO, Ester C.; SCHLUMPF, Karen S.; WRIGHT, David J.; LEAO, Silvana; SAMPAIO, Divaldo; TAKECIAN, Pedro L.; PROITETTI, Anna B.; MURPHY, Edward; BUSCH, Michael; CUSTER, Brian