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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Atypical herpes vasculitis in a leukemic patient: An unusual presentationCURY-MARTINS, Jade; BELLESSO, Marcelo; SOTTO, Mirian Nacagami; SANCHES, Jose Antonio
2019Consensuses, guidelines and position papers: the role of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology in the contribution to the best practice of DermatologySANCHES, Jose Antonio
2012Ethnicity and Cutaneous Melanoma in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil: A Case-Control StudyLUIZ, Olinda C.; GIANINI, Reinaldo Jose; GONCALVES, Fernanda T.; FRANCISCO, Guilherme; FESTA-NETO, Cyro; SANCHES, Jose Antonio; GATTAS, Gilka J. F.; CHAMMAS, Roger; ELUF-NETO, Jose
2018Perforating dermatosis associated with multikinase inhibitors: report of two cases, including one associated with lenvatinibSATO-SANO, Marcelo; CURY-MARTINS, Jade; MACARENCO, Ricardo; DOMINGUES, Regina Barros; VASCONCELOS, Roberta; SANCHES, Jose Antonio
2019Clinicopathologic and microenvironmental analysis of primary cutaneous CD30-positive lymphoproliferative disorders: a 26 year experience from an academic medical center in BrazilFERREIRA, Cristiane Rubia; ZHAO, Shuchun; SANCHES, Jose Antonio; MIYASHIRO, Denis; CURY-MARTINS, Jade; AZEVEDO, Raymundo Soares; ZERBINI, Maria C. N.; NATKUNAM, Yasodha; GRATZINGER, Dita
2016Angiosarcoma in HIV-negative patients is not associated with HHV-8AVANCINI, Joao; CHERUBIM, Andre Pires Zanata; OLIVEIRA, Cristina Mendes de; VALENTE, Neusa Yuriko Sakai; FESTA NETO, Cyro; SANCHES, Jose Antonio; PAZZINI, Renato; SUMITA, Laura Masami; PANNUTI, Claudio Sergio
2016Adherence to topical therapies in actinic keratosis: A literature reviewFOLEY, Peter; STOCKFLETH, Eggert; PERIS, Ketty; BASSET-SEGUIN, Nicole; CERIO, Rino; SANCHES, Jose Antonio; GUILLEN, Carlos; FARRINGTON, Emily; LEBWOHL, Mark
2020Extensive cutaneous involvement by dermatomyositis: Report of six cases and review of the literatureMIYASHIRO, Denis; ARNONE, Marcelo; FERREIRA, Paula Silva; ROMITI, Ricardo; SANCHES, Jose Antonio
2015Evaluation of the 2008 World Health Organization classification for non-mycosis fungoides, non-Sezary syndrome T/NK-cell lymphomas with primary cutaneous involvementCHANG, Daniel; ZERBINI, Maria Claudia Nogueira; SOTTO, Mirian Nacagami; SIQUEIRA, Sheila Aparecida Coelho; SANCHES, Jose Antonio
2020Progression of mycosis fungoides after treatment with dupilumab: A case reportMIYASHIRO, Denis; VIVARELLI, Ana Gabriela; GONCALVES, Fernanda; CURY-MARTINS, Jade; SANCHES, Jose Antonio