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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Dermatitis herpetiformis Relevance of the physical examination to diagnosis suspicionCRIADO, Paulo Ricardo; CRIADO, Roberta Fachini Jardim; AOKI, Valeria; BELDA JR., Walter; HALPERN, Ilana; LANDMAN, Gilles; VASCONCELLOS, Cidia
2011Bedbugs (Heteroptera, Cimicidae): an etiology of pruritus to be rememberedCRIADO, Paulo Ricardo; CRIADO, Roberta Fachini Jardim
2011Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Skin Before and After Micro-Ablative Fractional Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser TreatmentODO, Lilian M.; ODO, Marina E. Y.; GUEDES, Fernanda; SOTTO, Mirian N.; CUCE, Luiz Carlos
2019Female Progressive Scalp Hair Loss Associated with Ovarian ThecomaMUNCK, Andreia; LOPES, Andressa Sato de Aquino; ANZAI, Alessandra; FECHINE, Carolina Oliveira Costa; VALENTE, Neusa Yuriko Sakai; ROMITI, Ricardo
2019Consensuses, guidelines and position papers: the role of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology in the contribution to the best practice of DermatologySANCHES, Jose Antonio
2013Vaccines and innmunotherapy against fungi: the new frontierNOSANCHUK, Joshua D.; TABORDA, Carlos P.
2017Editorial: Vaccines, Immunotherapy and New Antifungal Therapy against Fungi: Updates in the New FrontierTABORDA, Carlos P.; NOSANCHUK, Joshua D.
2011Entodermoscopy: dermoscopy for the diagnosis of pediculosisCRIADO, Paulo Ricardo
2018Headband pressure alopecia: clinical, dermoscopy, and histopathology findings in four patientsSANO, Daniela T.; KAKIZAKI, Priscila; ANZAI, Alessandra; DONATI, Aline; VALENTE, Neusa Y. S.; ROMITI, Ricardo
2017Image Gallery: Folliculitis keloidalis on white-skinned scalp vertexFECHINE, C. O. Costa; ANZAI, A.; VALENTE, N. Y.; ROMITI, R.