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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020In vitro NLRP3 inflammasome activation assay assists diagnosis of genetically negative CAPS patients and guides anti-IL1 therapyMENDONCA, L. O.; TOLEDO-BARROS, M. A. M.; FRANCO, P. A.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI JUNIOR, P. F.; KALIL, J. E.; CASTRO, F. F. Morato; CAROLI, F.; GROSSI, A.; CECCHERINI, I; ROBAZZI, T.; PILEGGI, G. S.; RIVITTI, M. C.; SANCHES JUNIOR, J. A.; GRUMACH, A. S.; GATTORNO, M.; PONTILLO, A.
2012Analysis of the Expression of Toll-like Receptors 2 and 4 in Keratinocytes of Patients with Extensive Dermatophytosis due Trichophyton rubrumCRIADO, P. R.; OLIVEIRA, C. B.; VASCONCELLOS, C.; VALENTE, N. Y. S.; SOTTO, M. N.; LUIZ, F. Guedes; BELDA JUNIOR, W.
2013NY-ESO-1 Expression Is Associated with Melanoma Thickness, but Not MortalityGIAVINA-BIANCHI, Mara; SOTTO, Miriam Nacagamo; KANASHIRO, Luciane; SIMPSON, Andrew J.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro; KALIL, Jorge; FESTA, Cyro
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