LIM/54 - Laboratório de Investigação em Fisioterapia

O Laboratório de Investigação em Fisioterapia é ligado ao Departamento de Fonoaudilogia, Fisioterapia e Tearpia Ocupacional da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP). Denominado Laboratório de Bacteriologia e ligado ao Departamento de Doenças Infecciosas e Parasitárias até o ano de 2019 com produção até o ano de 2018.

Linhas de pesquisa: iInvestigação em neurofisiologia aplicada à funcionalidade; investigação clínica em fisioterpia cárdiorrespiratória e em terapia iIntensiva; investigação do movimento e postura humana .

Site oficial:ório de Bacteriologia/


Recent Submissions

  1. Electroacupuncture modulates cortical excitability in a manner dependent on the parameters used

    ACUPUNCTURE IN MEDICINE, v.40, n.2, p.178-185, 2022

    Introduction: There is evidence that electroacupuncture (EA) acts through the modulation of brain activity, but little is known about its influence on corticospinal excitability of the primary motor cortex (M1). Objective: To investigate the influence of EA parameters on the excitability of M1 in...

  2. Access and Attitudes Toward Palliative Care Among Movement Disorders Clinicians

    MOVEMENT DISORDERS, v.37, n.1, p.182-189, 2022

    Background Neuropalliative care is an emerging field for those with neurodegenerative illnesses, but access to neuropalliative care remains limited. Objective We sought to determine Movement Disorder Society (MDS) members' attitudes and access to palliative care. Methods A quantitative and qualit...

  3. Low back pain prevalence in Sao Paulo, Brazil: A cross-sectional study

    BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL THERAPY, v.25, n.6, p.837-845, 2021

    Background: Low back pain (LBP) is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and the burden of LBP is expected to increase in coming decades, particularly in middle-income countries. There is a lack of large and high-quality studies investigating the prevalence of LBP in Brazil. Objective: To es...

  4. Age-associated phenotypic imbalance in TCD4 and TCD8 cell subsets: comparison between healthy aged, smokers, COPD patients and young adults

    IMMUNITY & AGEING, v.19, n.1, article ID 9, 16p, 2022

    Background COPD is associated with an abnormal lung immune response that leads to tissue damage and remodeling of the lung, but also to systemic effects that compromise immune responses. Cigarette smoking also impacts on innate and adaptative immune responses, exerting dual, pro- and anti-inflamm...


    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STROKE, v.16, n.2_SUPPL, suppl.2_, p.71-71, 2021

  6. Lack of knowledge on acute stroke in children, adolescents and adults from public schools

    EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL, v.42, suppl.1, p.3140-3140, 2021

  7. Physical activity at home is able to reduce the worsening in quality of life in Parkinson's disease during COVID-19 pandemic

    MOVEMENT DISORDERS, v.36, suppl.1, Special Issue, p.S188-S188, 2021

  8. Hold your breath again: Exploring dysfunctional breathing assessments in healthy individuals

    EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL, v.58, suppl.65, 2021

  9. Elastic tape reduces dyspnea and improves health status in males with COPD: a randomized controlled trial

    EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL, v.58, suppl.65, 2021

  10. Prone positioning in patients with COVID-19 under invasive mechanical ventilation and acute respiratory distress syndrome: a multicenter cohort study

    EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL, v.58, suppl.65, 2021