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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Experimental knee-related pain enhances attentional interference on postural controlSUDA, Eneida Yuri; HIRATA, Rogerio Pessoto; PALSSON, Thorvaldur; VUILLERME, Nicolas; SACCO, Isabel C. N.; GRAVEN-NIELSEN, Thomas
2019Delayed childhood neurodevelopment and neurosensory alterations in the second year of life in a prospective cohort of ZIKV-exposed childrenNIELSEN-SAINES, Karin; BRASIL, Patricia; KERIN, Tara; VASCONCELOS, Zilton; GABAGLIA, Claudia Raja; DAMASCENO, Luana; PONE, Marcos; CARVALHO, Liege M. Abreu de; PONE, Sheila M.; ZIN, Andrea A.; TSUI, Irena; SALLES, Tania Regina S.; CUNHA, Denise Cotrim da; COSTA, Roozemerie Pereira; MALACARNE, Jociele; REIS, Ana Beatriz; HASUE, Renata Hydee; AIZAWA, Carolina Y. P.; GENOVESI, Fernanda F.; EINSPIELER, Christa; MARSCHIK, Peter B.; PEREIRA, Jose Paulo; GAW, Stephanie L.; ADACHI, Kristina; CHERRY, James D.; XU, Zhiheng; CHENG, Genhong; MOREIRA, Maria Elisabeth
2019Decline in functional status after intensive care unit discharge is associated with ICU readmission: a prospective cohort studySILVEIRA, Leda Tomiko Yamada da; SILVA, Janete Maria da; TANAKA, Clarice; FU, Carolina
2019The Mini-Balance Evaluation System Test Can Predict Falls in Clinically Stable Outpatients With COPD A 12-MO PROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDYPEREIRA, Ana Carolina A. C.; XAVIER, Rafaella F.; LOPES, Aline C.; SILVA, Cibele C. B. M. da; OLIVEIRA, Cristino C.; FERNANDES, Frederico L. A.; STELMACH, Rafael; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2019Rehabilitation technology for self-care: Customised foot and ankle exercise software for people with diabetesFERREIRA, Jane S. S. P.; SACCO, Isabel C. N.; SIQUEIRA, Alisson A.; ALMEIDA, Maria H. M.; SARTOR, Cristina D.
2019Seasonal changes influence the improvement in asthma symptoms by exercise training in subjects with asthma**MENDES, Felipe A. R.; FRANCA-PINTO, Andrezza; MARTINS, Milton A.; CUKIER, Alberto; STELMACH, Rafael; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2019Identifying COPD patients at risk for worse symptoms, HRQoL, and self-efficacy: A cluster analysisLOPES, Aline C.; XAVIER, Rafaella F.; PEREIRA, Ana Carolina A. C.; STELMACH, Rafael; FERNANDES, Frederico L. A.; HARRISON, Samantha L.; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2019Reliability of medial-longitudinal-arch measures for skin-markers based kinematic analysisCARAVAGGI, Paolo; MATIAS, Alessandra B.; TADDEI, Ulisses T.; ORTOLANI, Maurizio; LEARDINI, Alberto; SACCO, Isabel C. N.
2019Correlations between stack height differences in minimal shoes and impact loadingMATIAS, A.; OUTERLEYS, J.; JOHNSON, C.; SACCO, I.C.N.; DAVIS, I.S.
2019Minimal footwear in osteoarthritis patients: not just for runningSACCO, I.C.N.; TROMBINI-SOUZA, F.