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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Diagnostic model based on Raman spectra of normal, hyperplasia and prostate adenocarcinoma tissues in vitroLOPES, Ricardo Matias; SILVEIRA JR., Landulfo; SILVA, Marcos Augusto R. S.; LEITE, Katia Ramos M.; PASQUALUCCI, Carlos Augusto G.; PACHECO, Marcos Tadeu T.
2011Transcriptional Repression of Caveolin-1 (CAV1) Gene Expression by GATA-6 in Bladder Smooth Muscle Hypertrophy in Mice and Human BeingsBOOPATHI, Ettickan; GOMES, Cristiano Mendes; GOLDFARB, Robert; JOHN, Mary; SRINIVASAN, Vittala Gopal; ALANZI, Jaber; MALKOWICZ, S. Bruce; KATHURIA, Hasmeena; ZDERIC, Stephen A.; WEIN, Alan J.; CHACKO, Samuel
2011Early fetal cystoscopy for first-trimester severe megacystisRUANO, R.; YOSHISAKI, C. T.; SALUSTIANO, E. M. A.; GIRON, A. M.; SROUGI, M.; ZUGAIB, M.
201146,XY DSD due to 17 beta-HSD3 Deficiency and 5 alpha-Reductase Type 2 DeficiencyINACIO, Marlene; SIRCILI, Maria Helena P.; BRITO, Vinicius N.; DOMENICE, Sorahia; OLIVEIRA-JUNIOR, Ari Alves; ARNHOLD, Ivo J. P.; TIBOR, Francisco D.; COSTA, Elaine M. F.; MENDONCA, Berenice B.
2011MicroRNA-100 Expression is Independently Related to Biochemical Recurrence of Prostate CancerLEITE, Katia R. M.; TOMIYAMA, Alberto; REIS, Sabrina T.; SOUSA-CANAVEZ, Juliana M.; SANUDO, Adriana; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos F.; CAMARA-LOPES, Luiz H.; SROUGI, Miguel
2011FN1, GALE, MET, and QPCT Overexpression in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: Molecular Analysis Using Frozen Tissue and Routine Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy SamplesMITTELDORF, Cristina Aparecida Troques da Silveira; SOUSA-CANAVEZ, Juliana Moreira de; LEITE, Katia Ramos Moreira; MASSUMOTO, Celso; CAMARA-LOPES, Luis Heraldo
2011PENILE AND SCROTUM SWELLING IN JUVENILE DERMATOMYOSITISSALLUM, Adriana Maluf Elias; SILVA, Marco Felipe Castro; MICHELIN, Cintia Maria; DUARTE, Ricardo Jordao; BARONI, Ronaldo Hueb; AIKAWA, Nadia Emi; SILVA, Clovis Artur
2011Testing for urinary hyaluronate improves detection and grading of transitional cell carcinomaPASSEROTTI, Carlo C.; SROUGI, Miguel; BOMFIM, Alexandre C.; MARTINS, Joao Roberto M.; LEITE, Katia R. M.; REIS, Sabrina T. dos; SAMPAIO, Lucia O.; ORTIZ, Valdemar; DIETRICH, Carl P.; NADER, Helena B.
2011Sclerotherapy of Hydroceles and Spermatoceles with Alcohol: Results and Effects on the Semen AnalysisSHAN, Chen Jen; LUCON, Antonio Marmo; PAGANI, Rodrigo; SROUGI, Miguel
2011Learning Curve for Radical Retropubic ProstatectomySAITO, Fernando J. A.; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos F.; EBAID, Gustavo X.; BRUSCHINI, Homero; CHADE, Daher C.; SROUGI, Miguel