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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Pelvic Irradiation and Its Effects on the Lower Urinary Tract: a Literature ReviewGOMES, Cristiano Mendes; NUNES, Ricardo Vita; TSE, Vincent
2015The role of microRNAs 371 and 34a in androgen receptor control influencing prostate cancer behaviorLEITE, Katia R. M.; MORAIS, Denis Reis; FLOREZ, Manuel Garcia; REIS, Sabrina T.; ISCAIFE, Alexandre; VIANA, Nayara; MOURA, Caio M.; SILVA, Iran A.; KATZ, Betina S.; PONTES JR., Jose; NESRALLAH, Adriano; SROUGI, Miguel
2015Renal myxoma: a case reportSOUZA, Carlos Henrique C; CARNEIRO, Kennedy S.; LEITE, Katia R. M.; A. JUNIOR, Alcendino; COSTA, Fredwilson S.
2015Contemporary Trends in the Epidemiology of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Changes in Age and EtiologyBELLUCCI, Carlos Henrique Suzuki; CASTRO FILHO, Jose Everton de; GOMES, Cristiano Mendes; BESSA JR., Jose de; BATTISTELLA, Linamara Rizzo; SOUZA, Daniel Rubio de; SCAZUFCA, Marcia; BRUSCHINI, Homero; SROUGI, Miguel; BARROS FILHO, Tarcisio E. P.
2015Outcomes of surgical treatment of ureteral strictures after laser ureterolithotripsy for impacted stonesSROUGI, Victor; PADOVANI, Guilherme P.; MARCHINI, Giovanni S.; VICENTINI, Fabio C.; MAZZUCCHI, Eduardo; SROUGI, Miguel
2015Acellular matrix in urethral reconstructionRIBEIRO-FILHO, Leopoldo Alves; SIEVERT, Karl-Dietrich
2015Contemporary Trends of Inpatient Surgical Management of Stone Disease: National Analysis in an Economic Growth ScenarioMARCHINI, Giovanni Scala; MELLO, Marcos F.; LEVY, Renata; VICENTINI, Fabio Carvalho; TORRICELLI, Fabio Cesar Miranda; ELUF-NETO, Jose; MAZZUCCHI, Eduardo; SROUGI, Miguel
2015Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Prevention of Febrile Urinary Tract Infections in Children with Vesicoureteral Reflux: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized, Controlled Trials Comparing Dilated to Nondilated Vesicoureteral RefluxBESSA JR., Jose de; MRAD, Flavia Cristina de Carvalho; MENDES, Evilin Feitosa; BESSA, Marcia Carvalho; PASCHOALIN, Victor Pereira; TIRABOSCHI, Ricardo Brianezi; SAMMOUR, Zein Mohamed; GOMES, Cristiano Mendes; BRAGA, Luis H.; NETTO, Jose Murillo Bastos
2015Response to commentary to ""27 years of experience with the comprehensive surgical management of prune belly syndrome""DENES, Francisco Tibor; LOPES, Roberto Iglesias