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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Penile enlargement with methacrylate injection: is it safe?TORRICELLI, Fabio Cesar Miranda; ANDRADE, Enrico Martins de; MARCHINI, Giovanni Scala; LOPES, Roberto Iglesias; CLARO, Joaquim Francisco Almeida; CURY, Jose; SROUGI, Miguel
2019Lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual dysfunction in men with multiple sclerosisTOME, Andre Luiz Farinhas; MIRANDA, Eduardo P.; BESSA JUNIOR, Jose de; BEZERRA, Carlos Alberto; POMPEO, Antonio Carlos Lima; GLINA, Sidney; GOMES, Ristiano Mendes
2013Prima-1 induces apoptosis in bladder cancer cell lines by activating p53PIANTINO, Camila B.; REIS, Sabrina T.; VIANA, Nayara I.; SILVA, Iran A.; MORAIS, Denis R.; ANTUNES, Alberto A.; DIP, Nelson; SROUGI, Miguel; LEITE, Katia R.
2013The role of micro RNAs let7c, 100 and 218 expression and their target RAS, C-MYC, BUB1, RB, SMARCA5, LAMB3 and Ki-67 in prostate cancerREIS, Sabrina T.; TIMOSZCZUK, Luciana S.; PONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; VIANA, Nayara; SILVA, Iran A.; DIP, Nelson; SROUGI, Miguel; LEITE, Katia R. M.
2013Predicting calyceal access for percutaneous nephrolithotomy with computed tomography multiplanar reconstructionGUGLIELMETTI, Giuliano B.; DANILOVIC, Alexandre; TORRICELLI, Fabio C. M.; COELHO, Rafael F.; MAZZUCCHI, Eduardo; SROUGI, Miguel
2013MicroRNA 100: a context dependent miRNA in prostate cancerLEITE, Katia R. M.; MORAIS, Denis R.; REIS, Sabrina T.; VIANA, Nayara; MOURA, Caio; FLOREZ, Manuel Garcia; SILVA, Iran A.; DIP, Nelson; SROUGI, Miguel
2017Contemporary surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasiaNUNES, Ricardo Luís Vita; ANTUNES, Alberto Azoubel; CONSTANTIN, Davi Souza
2013Renal artery pseudoaneurysm after blunt renal trauma: report on three cases and review of the literatureYAMACAKE, Kleiton Gabriel Ribeiro; LUCON, Marcos; LUCON, Antonio Marmo; MESQUITA, Jose Luiz Borges; SROUGI, Miguel
2020Association Among Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, Erectile Function, and Sexual Satisfaction: Results from the Brazil LUTS StudyGOMES, Cristiano Mendes; AVERBECK, Marcio Augusto; KOYAMA, Mitti; SOLER, Roberto
2018Recurrent Penile Fracture-Case Report and Alternative Surgical ApproachNASCIMENTO, Bruno; GUGLIELMETTI, Giuliano B.; MIRANDA, Eduardo P.; IVANOVIC, Renato F.; BATAGELLO, Carlos A.; NAHAS, William C.; SROUGI, Miguel; CURY, Jose