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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013MicroRNA expression profiles in the progression of prostate cancer-from high-grade prostate intraepithelial neoplasia to metastasisLEITE, Katia R. M.; TOMIYAMA, Alberto; REIS, Sabrina T.; SOUSA-CANAVEZ, Juliana M.; SANUDO, Adriana; CAMARA-LOPES, Luiz H.; SROUGI, Miguel
2011Testing for urinary hyaluronate improves detection and grading of transitional cell carcinomaPASSEROTTI, Carlo C.; SROUGI, Miguel; BOMFIM, Alexandre C.; MARTINS, Joao Roberto M.; LEITE, Katia R. M.; REIS, Sabrina T. dos; SAMPAIO, Lucia O.; ORTIZ, Valdemar; DIETRICH, Carl P.; NADER, Helena B.
2020Oncologic Outcomes in Young Adults With Kidney Cancer Treated During the Targeted Therapy EraSIERRA, Pablo S.; CORDEIRO, Mauricio D.; V, Emanuel Albuquerque; BASTOS, Diogo A.; BONADIO, Renata C.; SARKIS, Alvaro S.; CAVALCANTE, Alexandre; PONTES JR., Jose; COELHO, Rafael F.; NAHAS, William C.
2021Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy to the Prostate Bed With Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT): A Phase 2 TrialLEITE, Elton Trigo Teixeira; RAMOS, Clarissa Cerchi Angotti; RIBEIRO, Victor Augusto Bertotti; SALVAJOLI, Bernardo Peres; NAHAS, William Carlos; SALVAJOLI, Joao Victor; MORAES, Fabio Ynoe
2013Perineural invasion detection in prostate biopsy is related to recurrence-free survival in patients submitted to radical prostatectomyKATZ, Betina; SROUGI, Miguel; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos; NESRALLAH, Adrian J.; SANT'ANNA, Alexandre C.; PONTES JR., Jose; ANTUNES, Alberto A.; REIS, Sabritia T.; VIANA, Nayara; SANUDO, Adriana; CAMARA-LOPES, Luiz H.; LEITE, Katia R. M.
2019NDRG4 promoter hypermethylation is a mechanistic biomarker associated with metastatic progression in breast cancer patientsJANDREY, Elisa H. F.; MOURA, Ricardo P.; ANDRADE, Luciana N. S.; MACHADO, Camila L.; CAMPESATO, Luiz Felipe; LEITE, Katia Ramos M.; INOUE, Lilian T.; ASPRINO, Paula F.; SILVA, Ana Paula M. da; BARROS, Alfredo Carlos S. D. de; CARVALHO, Andre; LIMA, Vladmir C. de; CARRARO, Dirce M.; BRENTANI, Helena P.; CUNHA, Isabela W. da; SOARES, Fernando A.; PARMIGIANI, Raphael B.; CHAMMAS, Roger; CAMARGO, Anamaria A.; COSTA, Erico T.
2018miR-618: possible control over TIMP-1 and its expression in localized prostate cancerIVANOVIC, Renato F.; VIANA, Nayara I.; MORAIS, Denis R.; MOURA, Caio; SILVA, Iran A.; LEITE, Katia R.; PONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; NAHAS, William C.; SROUGI, Miguel; REIS, Sabrina T.
2012Predicting necrosis in residual mass analysis after retroperitoneal lymph node dissection: a retrospective studyMIRANDA, Eduardo de Paula; ABE, Daniel Kanda; NESRALLAH, Adriano Joao; REIS, Sabrina Thalita dos; CRIPPA, Alexandre; SROUGI, Miguel; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco
2012Prostate biopsy in patients with long-term use of indwelling bladder catheter: What is the rationale?ANTUNES, Alberto A.; BARBOSA, Joao Arthur B. A.; REIS, Sabrina T.; GUARIERO, Mary S.; FUKUSHIMA, Julia T.; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos F.; FREIRE, Geraldo de C.; LUCON, Antonio M.; LEITE, Katia R.; SROUGI, Miguel
2012Are we able to correctly identify prostate cancer patients who could be adequately treated by focal therapy?KATZ, Betina; SROUGI, Miguel; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos; NESRALLAH, Adriano J.; SANT'ANNA, Alexandre C.; PONTES JR., Jose; REIS, Sabrina T.; SANUDO, Adriana; CAMARA-LOPES, Luiz H.; LEITE, Katia R. M.