Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas - LIM/56

Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas - LIM/56


A coleção de Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas engloba artigos originais, artigos de revisão, artigos de atualização, artigos técnicos, relatos de experiências, resenhas, ensaios, editoriais, cartas ao editor, debates, notas científicas e técnicas, depoimentos, entrevistas e pontos de vista. Consideram-se como artigos científicos originais os trabalhos redigidos para divulgação de informações e resultados sobre determinada pesquisa científica, publicados em periódico científico após avaliação por outros pesquisadores.

Recent Submissions

  • ALBERCA, Ricardo Wesley; GOMES, Eliane; RUSSO, Momtchilo (MDPI, BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 2021)
    Allergen-specific T helper (Th)2 cells orchestrate upon allergen challenge the development of allergic eosinophilic lung inflammation. Sensitization with alum adjuvant, a type 2 adjuvant, has been used extensively in animal ...
  • ALBERCA, Gabriela Gama Freire; ALBERCA, Ricardo Wesley (WILEY, HOBOKEN, USA, 2021)
  • SOUSA, T. R. de; SGNOTTO, F. Da Ressureicao; FAGUNDES, B. Oliveira; SANTOS, L. Souza; DUARTE, A. J. Da Silva; VICTOR, J. R. (EDRA SPA, MILANO, ITALY, 2021)
    The potential of IgG antibodies as allergy regulators has been discussed for decades and was brought to light that anti-allergen IgG is related to allergy inhibition in children during the first years of life and that IgG ...
  • DOI, Dimitria; VALE, Romulo Ribeiro do; MONTEIRO, Jean Michell Correia; PLENS, Glauco Cabral Marinho; FERREIRA JUNIOR, Mario; FONSECA, Luiz Augusto Marcondes; PERAZZIO, Sandro Felix; BESEN, Bruno Adler Maccagnan Pinheiro; LICHTENSTEIN, Arnaldo; TANIGUCHI, Leandro Utino; SUMITA, Nairo Massakazu; CORA, Aline Pivetta; EISENCRAFT, Adriana Pasmanik; DUARTE, Alberto Jose da Silva (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, USA, 2021)
    The demand for high value health care uncovered a steady trend in laboratory tests ordering and inappropriate testing practices. Residents' training in laboratory ordering practice provides an opportunity for quality ...
  • DE-SOUSA, Thamires Rodrigues; PESSOA, Rodrigo; NASCIMENTO, Andrezza; FAGUNDES, Beatriz Oliveira; SGNOTTO, Fabio da Ressureicao; DUARTE, Alberto Jose da Silva; SANABANI, Sabri Saeed; VICTOR, Jefferson Russo (MDPI, BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 2021)
    The mechanisms through which maternal immunization can modulate offspring thymic maturation of lymphocytes are not fully understood. Here, we aimed to evaluate whether maternal OVA-immunization can inhibit the maturation ...
  • ALBERCA, Ricardo Wesley; RIGATO, Paula Ordonhez; RAMOS, Yasmim Alefe Leuzzi; TEIXEIRA, Franciane Mouradian Emidio; BRANCO, Anna Claudia Calvielli; FERNANDES, Iara Grigoletto; PIETROBON, Anna Julia; DUARTE, Alberto Jose da Silva; AOKI, Valeria; ORFALI, Raquel Leao; SATO, Maria Notomi (FRONTIERS MEDIA SA, LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, 2021)
    Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection can generate a systemic disease named coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19). Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has killed millions worldwide, presenting ...
  • GIRARDELLO, Raquel; PIROUPO, Carlos Morais; MARTINS JR., Joaquim; MAFFUCCI, Marcia Helena; CURY, Ana Paula; FRANCO, Maria Renata Gomes; MALTA, Fernanda de Mello; ROCHA, Natalia Conceicao; PINHO, Joao Renato Rebello; ROSSI, Flavia; DUARTE, Alberto Jose da Silva; SETUBAL, Joao Carlos (FRONTIERS MEDIA SA, LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, 2021)
    Polymyxins are one of most important antibiotics available for multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections. Diverse chromosomal resistance mechanisms have been described, but the polymyxin resistance phenotype is not yet ...
  • FERNANDES, Juliana Ruiz; PINTO, Thalyta Nery Carvalho; PIEMONTE, Lucas Lopes; ARRUDA, Lia Barbara; SILVA, Cibele Cristine Berto Marques da; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.; PINTO, Regina Maria Carvalho; DUARTE, Alberto J. S.; BENARD, Gil (ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD, CLARE, IRELAND, 2021)
    Immunosenescence are alterations on immune system that occurs throughout an individual life. The main characteristic of this process is replicative senescence, evaluated by telomere shortening. Several factors implicate ...
  • PRATES, Gabriela; ASSONE, Tatiane; CORRAL, Marcelo; BALDASSIN, Maira P. M.; MITIKO, Tatiane; SALES, Flavia C. Silva; HAZIOT, Michel E.; SMID, Jerusa; FONSECA, Luiz A. M.; GONCALVES, Fernanda de Toledo; OLIVEIRA, Augusto C. Penalva de; CASSEB, Jorge (LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, PHILADELPHIA, USA, 2021)
    Background Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) infection is associated not only with some severe manifestations, such as HTLV-1-associated myelopathy (HAM) and ATLL, but also with other, less severe conditions. ...
  • ALBERCA, Ricardo Wesley; OLIVEIRA, Luana de Mendonca; BRANCO, Anna Claudia Calvielli Castelo; PEREIRA, Natalli Zanete; SATO, Maria Notomi (TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC, PHILADELPHIA, USA, 2021)
    The current coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic presents a huge challenge for health-care systems worldwide. Many different risk factors are associated with disease severity, such as older age, diabetes, hypertension, ...
  • SANCHES, Jose Antonio; CURY-MARTINS, Jade; ABREU, Rodrigo Martins; MIYASHIRO, Denis; PEREIRA, Juliana (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, NEW YORK, USA, 2021)
    Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of lymphoproliferative disorders, characterized by infiltration of the skin by mature malignant T cells. Mycosis fungoides is the most common form of cutaneous T-cell ...
  • FREITAS, Verena Mony Paes de; MIOT, Helio Amante; MIOT, Luciane Donida Bartoli; NOGUEIRA, Marcelle Almeida de Sousa; YARAK, Samira; RANULFO, Rogerio Tercio; NUNES, Gisele Jacobino de Barros; SANCHES JUNIOR, Jose Antonio; BAGATIN, Edileia (WILEY, HOBOKEN, USA, 2021)
    Background and Objective There is no validated instrument to assess the clinical severity of striae distensae. Here, we aimed to develop a striae distensae severity scale. Material and Methods After a Delphi-based consensus, ...
  • ARAUJO, Abelardo; BANGHAM, Charles R. M.; CASSEB, Jorge; GOTUZZO, Eduardo; JACOBSON, Steve; MARTIN, Fabiola; OLIVEIRA, Augusto Penalva de; PUCCIONI-SOHLER, Marzia; TAYLOR, Graham P.; YAMANO, Yoshihisa (LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, PHILADELPHIA, USA, 2021)
    Purpose of Review To provide an evidence-based approach to the use of therapies that are prescribed to improve the natural history of HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP)-a rare disease. ...
  • CASSEB, Jorge; MARCUSSO, Rosa Maria N.; MONTEIRO, Mariana; ASSONE, Tatiane; HAZIOT, Michel E. Y.; PERIBANEZ-GONZALEZ, Mario; FONSECA, Luiz Augusto M.; SMID, Jerusa; MOURA, Joao V. Luisi de; DAHY, Flavia E.; OLIVEIRA, Augusto Penalva de (OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, CARY, USA, 2021)
  • MIOTTO, Isadora Zago; BESSA, Vanessa Rolim; VASCONCELOS, Luana Barreto de Almeida; SAMORANO, Luciana Paula; RIVITTI-MACHADO, Maria Cecilia; OLIVEIRA, Zilda Najjar Prado de (SOC BRASIL PEDIATRIA, RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ, BRAZIL, 2021)
    Objective: The aim of this study was to identify the pattern of pediatric dermatoses of patients evaluated at a dermatologic clinic of a reference center in Brazil and to compare these results to similar surveys conducted ...
  • ALBERCA, Gabriela Gama Freire; ALBERCA, Ricardo Wesley (WILEY, HOBOKEN, USA, 2021)
  • ALBERCA, Ricardo Wesley (WILEY, HOBOKEN, USA, 2021)

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