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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Can cervical length and obstetric history identify asymptomatic women at low risk for preterm birth after a previous preterm birth: a re-analysis of individual patient dataKLEINROUWELER, Emily; JANSEN, Claire Heukensfeldt; OWEN, John; BERGHELLA, Vincenzo; BITTAR, Roberto Eduardo; BAGGA, Rashmi; CRANE, Joan; BOLT, Lauren; ARABIN, Birgit; MOL, Ben Willem; PAJKRT, Eva
2013Is prematurity associated with neonatal mortality in severe isolated congenital diaphragmatic hernia after fetal tracheal occlusion?RUANO, Rodrigo; SILVA, Marcos; GRASSI, Marcilia; CECCON, Maria; TANNURI, Uenis; ZUGAIB, Marcelo
2013Estimating risk factors for spontaneous preterm delivery in teen pregnanciesBAKER, Arthur; RUANO, Rodrigo; HAERI, Sina
2012Predictors for acute fetal demise immediately after fetoscopic laser coagulation in twin-twin transfusion syndromePAPANNA, Ramesha; RUANO, Rodrigo; JOHNSON, Anthony; MOISE, Karen; BELFORT, Michael; MOISE, Kenneth
2013Pregnant women with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) show evidence of altered cerebral blood hemodynamics compared to controlsCHEN, Qian; HAERI, Sina; VEEN, Teelkien Van; RUANO, Rodrigo; GOLABBAKHSH, Hossein; MORALES, Yisel; HALL, Nicole; MASON, Chawla; BELFORT, Michael
2013Estimation of maternal cerebrovascular hemodynamics following routine delivery related blood lossHALL, Nicole; HAERI, Sina; RUANO, Rodrigo; VEEN, Teelkien Van; GOLABBAKHSH, Hossein; CHEN, Qian; MORALES, Yisel; MASON, Chawla; BELFORT, Michael
2013Maternal obesity is associated with increased cerebral perfusion pressure in pregnancyHAERI, Sina; RUANO, Rodrigo; GOLABBAKHSH, Hossein; CHEN, Qian; VEEN, Teelkien Van; MORALES, Yisel; HALL, Nicole; MASON, Chawla; BELFORT, Michael
2012Indications for preterm birth in a cohort of patients with severe twin-twin transfusion after fetoscopic laser surgeryPAPANNA, Ramesha; BLOCK-ABRAHAM, Dana; RUANO, Rodrigo; MANN, Lovepreet; PEREZ, Coral; RUPP, Courtney; MOISE, Kenneth; JOHNSON, Anthony
2012Prenatal magnetic resonance imaging parameters predict mortality and the need for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in isolated congenital diaphragmatic herniaRUANO, Rodrigo; LAZER, David; LEE, Timothy; MOISE JR., Kenneth; JOHNSON, Anthony; CASSADY, Christopher; BELFORT, Michael; CASS, Darrell L.; OLUTOYE, Oluyinka
2012Acute death of the recipient twin after fetoscopic laser surgery for twin-twin transfusion syndrome related to maternal hypotension and type of anesthesia during the procedureRUANO, Rodrigo; Kim Nguyen; DOTY, Morgen; JOHNSON, Anthony; BELFORT, Michael; MOISE JR., Kenneth