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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Response to fatigue observed through magnetic resonance imaging on the quadriceps muscle in postmenopausal womenBRECH, Guilherme Carlos; PAULA, Thalita Sousa de; FEDELE, Thiago Antonio; DIAS, Aluane Silva; SOARES, Jose Maria; BORDALO-RODRIGUES, Marcelo; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; ALONSO, Angelica Castilho; GREVE, Julia Maria D'Andrea
2020Association of estrogen receptor beta polymorphisms with posterior tibial tendon dysfunctionNOGARA, P. R. B.; GODOY-SANTOS, A. L.; FONSECA, F. C. P.; CESAR-NETTO, C.; CARVALHO, K. C.; BARACAT, E. C.; MAFFULLI, N.; PONTIN, P. A.; SANTOS, M. C. L.
2020Evaluation Instruments for Assessing Back Pain in Athletes: A Systematic Review ProtocolAZEVEDO, Vinicius Diniz; SILVA, Regina Marcia Ferreira; BORGES, Silvia Cristina de Carvalho; FERNANDES, Michele da Silva Valadao; MINANA-SIGNES, Vicente; MONFORT-PANEGO, Manuel; NOLL, Priscilla Rayanne E. Silva; NOLL, Matias
2020Complete Clinical Response in Stage IVB Endometrioid Endometrial Carcinoma after First-Line Pembrolizumab Therapy: Report of a Case with Isolated Loss of PMS2 ProteinCARVALHO, Jesus Paula; GIGLIO, Auro Del; ACHATZ, Maria Isabel; CARVALHO, Filomena Marino
2020Efficacy of MLPA for detection of Y-chromosome microdeletions in infertile Brazilian patientsFRANCHIM, C. S.; SOARES-JUNIOR, J. M.; SERAFINI, P. C.; MONTELEONE, P. A. A.; COCCUZZA, M. S.; ZANARDO, E. A.; MONTENEGRO, M. M.; DIAS, A. T.; KULIKOWSKI, L. D.; BARACAT, E. C.
2020Hormonal treatment isolated versus hormonal treatment associated with electrotherapy for pelvic pain control in deep endometriosis: Randomized clinical trialMIRA, Ticiana A. A.; YELA, Daniela A.; PODGAEC, Sergio; BARACAT, Edmund C.; BENETTI-PINTO, Cristina L.
2020Management of cervical cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: a challenge for developing countriesESTEVEZ-DIZ, Maria del Pilar; BONADIO, Renata Colombo; MIRANDA, Vanessa Costa; CARVALHO, Jesus Paula
2020Knowledge gaps and acquisition about HPV and its vaccine among Brazilian medical studentsCOSTA, Annielson de Souza; GOMES, Jessica Menezes; GERMANI, Ana Claudia Camargo Goncalves; SILVA, Matheus Reis da; SANTOS, Edige Felipe de Sousa; SOARES JUNIOR, Jose Maria; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; SORPRESO, Isabel Cristina Esposito
2020Management of benign and suspicious breast lesions during the coronavirus disease pandemic: recommendations for triage and treatmentPURCINO, Flavia Abranches Corsetti; RUIZ, Carlos Alberto; SORPRESO, Isabel C. E.; COSTA, Ana Maria Massad; SOARES-JUNIOR, Jose Maria; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; FILASSI, Jose Roberto
2020Personalized functional gynecology: a new direction?PEREIRA, Dirceu Henrique Mendes; GRIECO, Silvana Chedid; TRIVELLATO, Symara De Angelis; NAHAS, Simone; GOMES, Regina Teixeira Teixeira; LUCA, Alexandre de; SOARES JUNIOR, Jose Maria; BARACAT, Edmund Chada