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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Surgery for Endometriosis Improves Major Domains of Quality of Life: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisARCOVERDE, Fernanda Vieira Lins; ANDRES, Marina de Paula; BORRELLI, Giuliano Moyses; BARBOSA, Priscila de Almeida; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes; KHO, Rosanne Marie
2017Regarding ""Synthetic Graft Augmentation in Vaginal Prolapse Surgery: Long-term Objective and Subjective Outcomes"" ReplyABRAO, Mauricio S.
2015External Validation of the SF-36 Quality-of-Life Questionnaire in Italian and Brazilian Populations to Select Patients With Colorectal Endometriosis for SurgeryLAAS, Enora; ZACHAROPOULOU, Chrysoula; MONTANARI, Giulia; SERACCHIOLI, Renato; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; BASSI, Marco A.; BALLESTER, Marcos; DARAI, Emile
2016Pillars for Surgical Treatment of Bowel EndometriosisABRAO, Mauricio S.
2018IIeum Endometriosis: A Cause of Bowel ObstructionBARBOSA, Rodrigo Nobrega; ANDRES, Marina Paula; KHO, Rosanne Marie; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes
2021Laparoscopic Treatment of Ureteral Endometriosis: A Systematic ReviewCUNHA, Fernando Lorenzetti da; ARCOVERDE, Fernanda Vieira Lins; ANDRES, Marina Paula; GOMES, Daniel Coser; BAUTZER, Carlos Ricardo Doi; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes; TOBIAS-MACHADO, Marcos
2014Cellular, Histologic, and Molecular Changes Associated With Endometriosis and Ovarian CancerNETO, Joao Siufi; KHO, Rosanne M.; SIUFI, Daniela Freitas dos Santos; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; ANDERSON, Karen S.; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes
2015Vaginal Morcellation Inside Protective Pouch: A Safe Strategy for Uterine Extration in Cases of Bulky Endometrial Cancers:. Operative and Oncological Safety of the MethodFAVERO, Giovanni; MIGLINO, Giovanni; KOEHLER, Christhardt; PFIFFER, Tatiana; SILVA, Alexandre Silva e; RIBEIRO, Altamiro; LE, Xin; ANTON, Cristina; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; CARVALHO, Jesus Paula
2020Optimizing Perioperative Outcomes with Selective Bowel Resection Following an Algorithm Based on Preoperative Imaging for Bowel EndometriosisABRAO, Mauricio S.; ANDRES, Marina P.; BARBOSA, Rodrigo N.; BASSI, Marco A.; KHO, Rosanne M.
2020Postoperative Bowel Symptoms Improve over Time after Rectosigmoidectomy for EndometriosisBASSI, Marco Antonio; ANDRES, Marina Paula; BASSI, Carolina Morales; SIUFI NETO, Joao; KHO, Rosanne M.; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes