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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Common chromosomal imbalances and stemness-related protein expression markers in endometriotic lesions from different anatomical sites: the potential role of stem cellsSILVEIRA, Cassia G. T.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; DIAS JR., Joao A.; COUDRY, Renata A.; SOARES, Fernando A.; DRIGO, Sandra A.; DOMINGUES, Maria A. C.; ROGATTO, Silvia R.
2012Minimal and mild endometriosis negatively impact mu pregnancy outcomeCARVALHO, Luiz Fernando Pina; BELOW, Alexandra; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; AGARWAL, Ashok
2012Ovarian remnant syndrome: etiology, diagnosis, treatment and impact of endometriosisKHO, Rosanne M.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.
2017The current management of deep endometriosis: a systematic reviewANDRES, Marina de Paula; BORELI, Giuliano M.; KHO, Rosanne M.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.
2012Oxidative stress biomarkers in patients with endometriosis: systematic reviewCARVALHO, Luiz Fernando Pina; SAMADDER, Abhishek Neil; AGARWAL, Ashok; FERNANDES, Luiz Flavio C.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.
2020Ignored Because It Is Benign - It Is Time to Treat Endometriosis as if It Were CancerLEONARDI, Mathew; LAM, Alan; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; JOHNSON, Neil P.; CONDOUS, George
2019Structured Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reports for Patients with Suspected Endometriosis: Guide for Imagers and CliniciansMATTOS, Leandro A.; GONCALVES, Manoel O.; ANDRES, Marina P.; YOUNG, Scott W.; FELDMAN, Myra; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; KHO, Rosanne M.
2018Long-Term Outcomes of Elagolix in Women With EndometriosisSURREY, Eric; TAYLOR, Hugh S.; GIUDICE, Linda; LESSEY, Bruce A.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; ARCHER, David F.; DIAMOND, Michael P.; JOHNSON, Neil P.; WATTS, Nelson B.; GALLAGHER, J. Chris; SIMON, James A.; CARR, Bruce R.; DMOWSKI, W. Paul; LEYLAND, Nicholas; SINGH, Sukhbir S.; RECHBERGER, Tomasz; AGARWAL, Sanjay K.; DUAN, W. Rachel; SCHWEFEL, Brittany; THOMAS, James W.; PELOSO, Paul M.; NG, Juki; SOLIMAN, Ahmed M.; CHWALISZ, Kristof
2020Endometrioma, the follicular fluid inflammatory network and its association with oocyte and embryo characteristicsYLAND, Jennifer; CARVALHO, Luiz Fernando Pina; BESTE, Michael; BAILEY, Amelia; THOMAS, Cassandra; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; RACOWSKY, Catherine; GRIFFITH, Linda; MISSMER, Stacey A.
2012Laparoscopic Management of Pregnancy in a Patient with Uterus Didelphys - ReplyBASSI, Marco Antonio; PODGAEC, Sergio; DIAS JR., Joao Antonio; D'AMICO FILHO, Nicolau; PETTA, Carlos Alberto; ABRAO, Mauricio S.