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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Isoflavones improve collagen I and glycosaminoglycans and prevent bone loss in type 1 diabetic ratsCARBONEL, A. A. F.; VIEIRA, M. C.; SIMOES, R. S.; LIMA, P. D. A.; FUCHS, L. F. P.; GIRAO, E. R. C.; CICIVIZZO, G. P.; SASSO, G. R. S.; MORAES, L. O. Carvalho de; SOARES JUNIOR, J. M.; BARACAT, E. C.; SIMOES, M. J.; GIRAO, M. J. B. C.
2020Influence of auriculotherapy on athletic performance and sports: review and perspectivesNOLL, Matias; NOLL, Priscilla Rayanne e Silva; MENDONCA, Carolina Rodrigues; SILVEIRA, Erika Aparecida
2020Does a bilateral polypropylene mesh alter the duct deferens morphology, testicular size and testosterone levels? Experimental study in ratsDAMOUS, Sergio Henrique Bastos; DAMOUS, Luciana Lamarao; MIRANDA, Jocielle dos Santos; MONTERO, Edna Frasson de Souza; BIROLINI, Claudio; UTIYAMA, Edivaldo Massazo
2020A protocol for developing, disseminating, and implementing a core outcome set (COS) for childbirth pelvic floor trauma researchDOUMOUCHTSIS, Stergios K.; RADA, Maria Patricia; PERGIALIOTIS, Vasilios; FALCONI, Gabriele; HADDAD, Jorge Milhem; BETSCHART, Cornelia
2020Ignored Because It Is Benign - It Is Time to Treat Endometriosis as if It Were CancerLEONARDI, Mathew; LAM, Alan; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; JOHNSON, Neil P.; CONDOUS, George
2020Endometrioma, the follicular fluid inflammatory network and its association with oocyte and embryo characteristicsYLAND, Jennifer; CARVALHO, Luiz Fernando Pina; BESTE, Michael; BAILEY, Amelia; THOMAS, Cassandra; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; RACOWSKY, Catherine; GRIFFITH, Linda; MISSMER, Stacey A.
2020A multicenter, randomized trial comparing pelvic organ prolapse surgical treatment with native tissue and synthetic mesh: A 5-year follow-up studySILVEIRA, Simone dos Reis B. da; AUGE, Antomio P. F.; JARMY-DIBELLA, Zsuzsanna I. K.; MARGARIDO, Paulo F. R.; CARRAMAO, Silvia; RODRIGUES, Claudinei Alves; DOUMOUCHTSIS, Stergios K.; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; HADDAD, Jorge Milhem
2020Postoperative imaging findings after laparoscopic surgery for deeply infiltrating endometriosisCHAMIE, Luciana P.; RIBEIRO, Duarte M. F. R.; RIBEIRO, Gladis M. P. A. R.; SERAFINI, Paulo C.
2020Assessing the Mental Health of Brazilian Students Involved in Risky BehaviorsESCOBAR, Daise Fernanda Santos Souza; NOLL, Priscilla Rayanne e Silva; JESUS, Thais Ferreira de; NOLL, Matias
2020Pro-inflammatory mediators in vaginal fluid and short cervical length in pregnancySISTI, G.; PACCOSI, S.; PARENTI, A.; SERAVALLI, V; LINARI, C.; TOMMASO, M. Di; WITKIN, S.