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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Role of Eutopic Endometrium in Pelvic EndometriosisCARVALHO, Luiz; PODGAEC, Sergio; BELLODI-PRIVATO, Marta; FALCONE, Tommaso; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes
2012Evaluation of CA-125 and soluble CD-23 in patients with pelvic endometriosis: a case-control studyRAMOS, Ivana Maria de Luna; PODGAEC, Sergio; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes; OLIVEIRA, Ricardo de; BARACAT, Edmund Chada
2012Minimal and mild endometriosis negatively impact mu pregnancy outcomeCARVALHO, Luiz Fernando Pina; BELOW, Alexandra; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; AGARWAL, Ashok
2021Deep endometriosis: medical or surgical treatment?ARCOVERDE, Fernanda; ANDRES, Marina P.; SOUZA, Carolina C.; NETO, Joao S.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.
2017The current management of deep endometriosis: a systematic reviewANDRES, Marina de Paula; BORELI, Giuliano M.; KHO, Rosanne M.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.
2013Chemokines in the pathogenesis of endometriosis and infertilityBORRELLI, G. M.; CARVALHO, K. I.; KALLAS, E. G.; MECHSNER, S.; BARACAT, E. C.; ABRAO, M. S.
2018Endometriosis classification according to pain symptoms: can the ASRM classification be improved?ANDRES, Marina Paula; BORRELLI, Giuliano Moyses; ABRAO, Mauricio Simoes
2018Surgical treatment of different types of endometriosis: Comparison of major society guidelines and preferred clinical algorithmsKHO, Rosanne M.; ANDRES, Marina Paula; BORRELLI, Giuliano Moyses; NETO, Joao Siufi; ZANLUCHI, Alan; ABRAO, Mauricio Simes
2012Oxidative stress biomarkers in patients with endometriosis: systematic reviewCARVALHO, Luiz Fernando Pina; SAMADDER, Abhishek Neil; AGARWAL, Ashok; FERNANDES, Luiz Flavio C.; ABRAO, Mauricio S.
2019Structured Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reports for Patients with Suspected Endometriosis: Guide for Imagers and CliniciansMATTOS, Leandro A.; GONCALVES, Manoel O.; ANDRES, Marina P.; YOUNG, Scott W.; FELDMAN, Myra; ABRAO, Mauricio S.; KHO, Rosanne M.