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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Can Breast Nipple Fluid Collected with Automated Aspiration and Preserved in Based-Liquid Solution Improve the Cytological Samples?FILASSI, Jose Roberto; ZONTA, Marco Antonio; TRINCONI, Angela; CALVAGNO, Daniele; OLIVEIRA, Fernada Velame de; RICCI, Marcos Desiderio; BARACAT, Edmund; LONGATTO-FILHO, Adhemar
2013Human papillomavirus genotypes distribution in 175 invasive cervical cancer cases from BrazilOLIVEIRA, Cristina Mendes de; FREGNANI, Jose Humberto Tavares Guerreiro; CARVALHO, Jesus Paula; LONGATTO-FILHO, Adhemar; LEVI, Jose Eduardo
2019Ovarian Cancer Previvors: How to manage these patients?CARVALHO, Jesus Paula; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; CARVALHO, Filomena Marino
2013Characterization of p16 and E6 HPV-related proteins in uterine cervix high-grade lesions of patients treated by conization with large loop excisionRONCAGLIA, Maria Teresa; FREGNANI, Jose Humberto T. G.; TACLA, Maricy; CAMPOS, Silvana Gisele Pegorin De; CAIAFFA, Helio Hehl; AB'SABER, Alexandre; MOTA, Eduardo Vieira Da; ALVES, Venancio Avancini Ferreira; BARACAT, Edmund C.; LONGATTO FILHO, Adhemar
2012Implementing Human Papillomavirus Testing in a Public Health Hospital: Challenges and OpportunitiesBELDI, Mariana Carmezim; TACLA, Maricy; CAIAFFA-FILHO, Helio; AB'SABER, Alexandre; SIQUEIRA, Sheila; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; ALVES, Venancio Avancini Ferreira; LONGATTO-FILHO, Adhemar
2017Frequency of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in cervical intraepithelial lesions and the status of cytological p16/Ki-67 dual-stainingROBIAL, R.; LONGATTO-FILHO, A.; ROTELI-MARTINS, C. M.; SILVEIRA, M. F.; STAUFFERT, D.; RIBEIRO, G. G.; LINHARES, I. M.; TACLA, M.; ZONTA, M. A.; BARACAT, E. C.
2015High-level of viral genomic diversity in cervical cancers: A Brazilian study on human papillomavirus type 16OLIVEIRA, Cristina Mendes de; BRAVO, Ignacio G.; SOUZA, Nathalia Caroline Santiago e; GENTA, Maria Luiza Nogueira Dias; FREGNANI, Jose Humberto Tavares Guerreiro; TACLA, Maricy; CARVALHO, Jesus Paula; LONGATTO-FILHO, Adhemar; LEVI, Jose Eduardo
2019Age-related acceptability of vaginal self-sampling in cervical cancer screening at two university hospitals: a pilot cross-sectional studyLORENZ, Noely Paula Cristina; TERMINI, Lara; LONGATTO FILHO, Adhemar; TACLA, Maricy; AGUIAR, Lana Maria de; BELDI, Mariana Carmezim; FERREIRA-FILHO, Edson Santos; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; SOARES-JUNIOR, Jose Maria
2011Evaluation of the Combination of Cytology and Hybrid Capture to Safely Predict the High-Grade Lesion Status of Patients Treated with Conization with Large Loop Excision of the Transformation ZoneRONCAGLIA, Maria Teresa; TACLA, Maricy; MOTTA, Eduardo Vieira da; CAIAFFA, Helio; AB'SABER, Alexandre; ALVES, Venancio Avancini Ferreira; LONGATTO FILHO, Adhemar; BARACAT, Edmund C.
2017Lymphocyte-predominant triple-negative breast carcinomas in premenopausal patients: Lower expression of basal immunohistochemical markersMASILI-OKU, Sergio Mitsuo; ALMEIDA, Bernardo Gomes Lacerda de; BACCHI, Carlos Eduardo; FILASSI, Jose Roberto; BARACAT, Edmund Chada; CARVALHO, Filomena Marino
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