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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Cervical cancer immunomodulation through stat3 and p65 NF kappa b: Effects beyond the tumor microenvironment.ROSSETTI, Renata Ariza Marques; RODRIGUEZ, Gretel Rodriguez; SILVA JR., Ildelfonso Alves Da; CARVALHO, Jesus De Paula; ROSA, Maria Beatriz Sartor De Faria; VILLA, Luisa Lina; LEPIQUE, Ana Paula
2016Potential involvement of MICA (Major Histocompatibility Class I-related Chain A) in the pathogenesis of endometriosisMARIN, M. L. Carnevale; COELHO, V; RACHED, M. Rached; KALIL, J.; ABRAO, M. Simoes
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