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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Hypertension induces additional cardiometabolic impairments and attenuates aerobic exercise training adaptations in fructose-fed ovariectomized ratsBRITO-MONZANI, Janaina de O.; SANCHES, Iris Callado; BERNARDES, Nathalia; PONCIANO, Katia; MORAES-SILVA, Ivana C.; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; LLESUY, Susana; ANGELIS, Katia De
2018Combined aerobic and resistance exercise training attenuates cardiac dysfunctions in a model of diabetes and menopauseSANCHES, Iris Callado; BUZIN, Morgana; CONTI, Filipe Fernandes; DIAS, Danielle da Silva; SANTOS, Camila Paixao dos; SIRVENTE, Raquel; SALEMI, Vera Maria Cury; LLESUY, Susana; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; ANGELIS, Katia De
2012Cardiometabolic benefits of exercise training in an experimental model of metabolic syndrome and menopauseSANCHES, Iris Callado; BRITO, Janaina de Oliveira; CANDIDO, Georgia Orsi; DIAS, Danielle da Silva; JORGE, Luciana; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; ANGELIS, Katia De
2014Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction and oxidative stress induced by fructose overload in an experimental model of hypertension and menopauseCONTI, Filipe Fernandes; BRITO, Janaina de Oliveira; BERNARDES, Nathalia; DIAS, Danielle da Silva; SANCHES, Iris Callado; MALFITANO, Christiane; LLESUY, Susana Francisca; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; ANGELIS, Katia de
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