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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Familial history of hypertension-induced impairment on heart rate variability was not observed in strength-trained subjectsSANTA-ROSA, F. A.; SHIMOJO, G. L.; SARTORI, M.; ROCHA, A. C.; V, J. Francica; PAIVA, J.; IRIGOYEN, M. C.; ANGELIS, K. De
2015Dynamic resistance training decreases sympathetic tone in hypertensive ovariectomized ratsSHIMOJO, G.L.; PALMA, R.K.; BRITO, J.O.; SANCHES, I.C.; IRIGOYEN, M.C.; DE ANGELIS, K.
2014Effects of different frequencies of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on venous vascular reactivityFRANCO, O. S.; PAULITSCH, F. S.; PEREIRA, A. P. C.; TEIXEIRA, A. O.; MARTINS, C. N.; SILVA, A. M. V.; PLENTZ, R. D. M.; IRIGOYEN, M. C.; SIGNORI, L. U.
2015Exercise training prevents increased intraocular pressure and sympathetic vascular modulation in an experimental model of metabolic syndromeCASTRO, E. F. S.; MOSTARDA, C. T.; RODRIGUES, B.; MORAES-SILVA, I. C.; FERIANI, D. J.; ANGELIS, K. De; IRIGOYEN, M. C.
2020A method to assess heart rate variability in neonate rats: validation in normotensive and hypertensive animalsFREITAS, S. C. F.; SANTOS, C. Paixao dos; ARNOLD, A.; STOYELL-CONTI, F. F.; DUTRA, M. R. H.; VERAS, M.; IRIGOYEN, M. C.; ANGELIS, K. De
2013Pleiotropic effects of simvastatin in physically trained ovariectomized ratsBERNARDES, N.; BRITO, J. O.; FERNANDES, T. G.; LLESUY, S. F.; IRIGOYEN, M. C.; BELLO-KLEIN, A.; ANGELIS, K. De
2023A model for preservation of thymocyte-depleted thymusDIAS, A. S.; DAMACENO-RODRIGUES, N. R.; GIMENEZ, T. M.; OLIVEIRA, P. M.; ZERBINI, M. C.; CARNEIRO-SAMPAIO, M.; FILHO, V. Odone; JATENE, M. B.; VASCONCELOS, D. M.; ROCHA, V.; NOVAK, E. M.
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