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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Antihypertensive medication class interaction on improvements of endothelial function in hypertensive post menopause women after 12 weeks of yoga or stretching video classesFETTER, Claudia; MARQUES, Juliana Romeu; EIBEL, Bruna; DESOUZA, Liliana Appratto; DARTORA, Daniela Ravizzoni; BOLL, Liliana Fortini Cavalheiro; IRIGOYEN, Maria Claudia
2020Increased cardiac vagal modulation and sleep quality after 12 weeks of yoga video classes in association to respiratory control in hypertensive post menopause womenFETTER, Claudia; DESOUZA, Liliane Appratto; MARQUES, Juliana Romeu; DARTORA, Daniela Ravizzoni; BOLL, Liliana Fortini Cavalheiro; COSTA, Danielle Irigoyen da; DETOGNI, Ariele; DEANGELIS, Katia; IRIGOYEN, Maria Claudia
2020Treatment with methotrexate carried in lipid core nanoparticles prevents the development of diastolic dysfunction in septic ratsLOPES, N. M.; GUIDO, M. C.; ALBUQUERQUE, C. L.; JENSEN, L.; MIURA, V. M.; MARINHO, L. M.; MARANHAO, R. C.
2020Methotrexate associated with a lipid core nanoparticle prevented the dilation and dissection of the aortic arch in mice with Marfan syndromeGUIDO, M. C.; LOPES, N. M.; I, C. Albuquerque; TAVARES, E. R.; JENSEN, L.; V, L. Pereira; KALIL-FILHO, R.; LAURINDO, F. R. M.; MARANHAO, R. C.
2020Daunorubicin associated to lipid core nanoparticles reduces atherosclerotic lesions, inflammation and cardiotoxicity in atherosclerosis rabbit modelI, C. Albuquerque; TAVARES, E. R.; GUIDO, M. G.; LOPES, N. M.; V, R. Baroni; JENSEN, L.; SILVA, B. M. O.; KALIL-FILHO, R.; TAVONI, T. M.; MARANHAO, R. C.
2020Effects of exercise training on metabolic and cardiovascular dysfunctions in offspring of fructose animals: role of cholinergic anti-inflammatory reflexDIAS, Danielle; SANTOS, Camila Dos; ARAUJO, Amanda; FERREIRA, Maycon; SHECAIRA, Tania; CARMO, Gabriel; BERNARDES, Nathalia; IRIGOYEN, Maria; ANGELIS, Katia De
2020Exercise Training Improves High Blood Pressure Variability-induced Cardiac Damage In Normotensive RatsMORAES-SILVA, Ivana C.; ANGELIS, Katia De; DAMACENO-RODRIGUES, Nilsa R.; CALDINI, Elia G.; IRIGOYEN, Maria Claudia
2020Enalapril-associated combined training is most effective in reducing SBP in spontaneously hypertensive ratsARAUJO, Amanda de; SHECAIRA, Tania; PAIXAO, Camila; DIAS, Danielle; IRIGOYEN, Maria; ANGELIS, Katia De
2020Cholinergic Stimulation Improve Renal Inflammation After Myocardial Infarction in Spontaneously Hypertensive RatsCHOQUE, Pamela Bricher; PORTER, Maria Mattos; PEREIRA, Luiz; DELLE, Humberto; IRIGOYEN, Maria; ANGELIS, Katia De; COLOMBO-CONSOLIM, Fernanda
2020Exercise Training Combined with Hydrochlorothiazide is More Efficient than Antihypertensive Treatment Alone to Promote Cardiofunctional Benefits in a Model of Hypertension and MenopauseFERREIRA JUNIOR, Maycon; SILVA, Michel; SILVA, Gabriel; DIAS, Danielle; BERNARDES, Nathalia; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; ANGELIS, Katia De